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Alan (aka MindYerCar) from the UK sent us a tip to a radio series from BBC4 that aired some years ago. The People’s Post is a 15 part series of programs on everything Royal Mail: from the early history of the postal service, to reforms and modern day challenges. Most of the episodes are still available on BBC4's website for everyone to hear though, so we thought it was worth sharing with you.

The People's Post

If you have a bit of time, give it a listen! And as always, we appreciate your tips on all-things related to mail — if you know of interesting stuff we should check out, leave a comment or shoot us an email. 📬


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4 comments so far

josephvm, India
Will check it out

Mosshumla, Sweden
So interesting, I've already started to listen - a great program so far

Flippie, Canada
So interesting, the story!

Olddutch, Spain
I've now listened to the whole series and absolutely loved it! Thank you for alerting me to this interesting program.