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iwang, Australia


(or Isaac) is a member in Australia . He has been a member for over 8 years (3,171 days).
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About Isaac...

I'm a 35-year-old bean counter living in a coastal city called Wollongong in NSW. I like travelling and I have been to ES, PT, FR, LU, BE, NL, DE, CH, DK, NO, SE, FI, EE, LT, LV, PL, CZ, AT, HU, RO, BG, GR, IT, UK, IE, US, CA, BR, AR, ZA, UG, TZ, CN, HK, MO, JP, KR, TH, KH, VN, MY, SG, ID, NZ, AE, SI, HR, BA, RS, XK, ME, MK, AL & TR, so I get chances to talk to others about local culture - this is also how my passion of postcard started. Now I buy local postcards as souvenirs during each trip, and also maximum cards from post office regularly.

I'm ethnic Chinese, grew up as a radio fan - BBC Radio 4 and NPR are my favourite stations. I enjoy reading novels, history books, and many textbooks. I also use iPad to read some magazines. I am a film buff and try to go to the cinema every week. I have been an ethical vegetarian since 2007 and become a vegan from 2018. I like outdoor activities e.g. hiking & camping and reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Feb 2012. Running is my routine exercise, and I have done the marathon 5 times with the PB of 3:57:21 on 17/9/17 in Sydney. I started triathlon training in 2017.


Wishlist for those who need it:
+ Transport: Bike, Tram, Station, Hot air balloons, Airport, Airways, Signpost, Lighthouse...
+ Sports: Olympics & Events, Football, Tennis, Running, Cycling...
+ Map: Your Town, City, Underground, State, Country...
+ Food: Your Favourite Local cuisine, Vegetarian recipe, Restaurant, Cafe, Market...
+ People: Royal Family, President, Celebrity, Actor, Superheros, Athletes...
+ Posters: Vintage reprint ad, Famous brands, Film, Book, Music, Propaganda...
+ Holiday: Christmas, Chinese New Year, Special celebrations in your country...
+ Your city's Chinatown, Your city tower, Your University, Famous Hotel, National Museum, Post Office.

Further considerations:
+ I prefer 4 x 6-inch cards as they fit my album well.
+ Please stamp the card as it should be.
+ If there is no English description at the back, please tell me what the card is about.
- Please hold the multi-view cards for whoever likes it.
- Folded greeting cards, ad, self-printed, homemade cards or cards from printing websites are not genuine postcards.
- Please value intellectual property and do not distribute postcards without copyright.
- Please do not send cards from a different country and keep the cards from holidays for yourself only.

Please take it easy:
If you have limited cards, please send one closely connected to you or a card that can represent your country. Have a smile and share your positive feelings.

If you want to send me a maximum card, please keep it unwritten in an envelope and leave your message and address on a note. I will send a thank-you envelope back.