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Aaaaaaah… June is here at last! 😍 This is the start of the holiday season in the northern hemisphere, when school is out for the summer and many families are packing for their yearly vacations. So it’s time for our regularly scheduled post to remind everyone that the Inactive Status and the new Travel Mode are here to help!

Going on holidays?

If you know you’re going to be away from your address for a while or simply need a break from Postcrossing, we recommend that you switch your account to inactive a few weeks in advance. You can still send postcards if you’d like, but you won’t be sent any until you’re ready to receive them.

In addition to using the Inactive state, if you’re going on holidays somewhere and would like to send postcards from that location, then the Travel Mode is for you! Just set it on for your destination, connect to a local internet connection when you get there, grab some local postcards and stamps, and enjoy sending postcards with the right Postcard IDs, maps and statistics.

While you’re using either of these modes (which you can easily switch on and off on your Account Settings), Postcrossing does not to give your address to other members. Don’t worry though — we’ll still keep track of all your due postcards, and send them all to you when you’re home again and your account is back to active.

Got questions? Feel free to reach out on the comments or through the forum — as always, we’re here to help.

Enjoy your holidays!