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May is here, so it’s time to choose the best EUROPA stamp of the year!

This year’s theme is “Bridges”, a theme which we are particularly fond of, for what are postcards if not metaphorical bridges between two worlds? Sadly, most post offices took a less poetic approach to the theme, and featured almost exclusively physical constructions…

EUROPA stamp 2018

Nothing wrong with that, but personally, we would have liked to see a bit more imagination in the chosen approach. Still, there are some beautiful stamps in the selection, so please go check out all the entries and cast your vote to help PostEurop choose the best bridge stamp of 2018! 🌉

P.S. – We’re curious to know… which bridge did you vote for? And how many of them have you crossed yourself? Let us know in the comments!


Now that Eurovision is behind us, it’s time to vote for another popular European contest… the EUROPA stamps of the year!

EUROPA stamps 2017

The theme for 2017 is “Castles”, which might sound a bit boring at first, but wait until you see all the stamps! While some countries’ entries are very literal and spotlight their own fortifications or Unesco Heritage sites, others have taken a more lyrical approach to the subject, featuring sand, ice castles, or legendary castles from their countries’ tales…

So go cast your vote… and then leave a comment below, letting us know which country wins your heart this year! 🏰


This year’s EUROPA stamp competition is officially open, and the theme promises to melt your heart…

europa stamps2015

Can you guess what it is? That’s right — old toys! Teddy bears, hula hoops, dolls, tin robots, rocking horses, slingshots, wooden trains… they all make an appearance, filling us with nostalgia and bringing back many happy memories.

To see all the stamps and cast your vote, go to the competition page and pick your favorite. May the best stamp win!

We’re always curious… which one did you pick? And if you’re European, what do you think of your own country’s choice of featured toy?


PostEurop is once again hosting their yearly competition to choose the best EUROPA stamp of the year!

Have you seen the new stamps yet? The theme for 2014 is National Musical Instruments, and each country has the chance to showcase their musical heritage. Here are some of them:

europa stamps2014

Aren’t they great? From street organs to stone harps, bagpipes, horns, saxophones, flutes, drums… The European musical traditions are all present and very well represented, so we predict that this year’s competition will be a tight race!

Have you picked your favorite yet? It’s up to us to elect the stamp of the year – so head over to the competition page, cast your vote… and may the best stamp win!

P.S. – We’re always curious to know… which one did you pick?


You might have heard the name PostEurop before, most likely because they organise the yearly EUROPA stamps competition. What you perhaps don’t know is that their functions go well beyond this task: through their several forums and groups, PostEurop oversees the cooperation between 52 public postal services in the European continent, in a variety of topics such as social responsibility, best practices or quality of service.

Last week, PostEurop celebrated its 20th anniversary with a Plenary Assembly and several other events. Since Postcrossing is very active in Europe, PostEurop invited the attending delegations to take part in an exhibition about Postcrossing – by sharing what the project was like in their country.

Sixteen countries accepted the challenge and made a stand with general information and statistics, and shared some postcards sent and received. Other PostEurop countries that didn’t know about Postcrossing yet, had the opportunity to learn about the project. Here are some photos from the event:

PostEurop exhibition PostEurop exhibition PostEurop exhibition

Belgian postcrossers were also invited to come around and check out the stands, and despite the inconvenient schedule in the middle of the week, some did come! There was even a tiny post office where cards and stamps could be purchased and stamped with a special anniversary cancellation stamp.

Oh, by the way, the winners of this year’s EUROPA stamps competition were announced during the plenary: Finland and Turkey took home the big honours!

Winners EUROPA stamps 2013