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Your (real) postcard walls

Did you know we have a Facebook page and a Twitter account? It's where we (and you!) share any postal goodies and snippets we stumble across throughout the day. It's also where many members share their photos of what they've received that day... or what they do with the postcards afterwards! In the past few years, we've come to realize that many of you had very real postcard walls in your homes... so here are a few of them! :)

Danny2105's wall of postcards

Danny2105 in Germany is almost running out of space on her huge blue wall...

Honey-b's wall of postcards

Need inspiration for sunny dreams? Honey-b from Czech Republic found the perfect solution!

Magdiolka's wall of postcards

magdziolka in Poland has an expanding burst of color in her orange wall... and a very cute dog!

AnnSmailikova's wall of postcards

AnnSmailikova in Ukraine made rows of creativity on her walls!

Marrijam's wall of postcards

And lastly, Marrijam from Germany crafted this sweet display with strings and pegs. We like the fact that it's the messages that are on display! :)

Got a postcard wall of your own? Planning to make one? Do share! :)

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Posted by on 28 Jan, 2014

35 comments so far

rosenbusch, Germany
great ideas - nice postcard walls....
Posted by rosenbusch on 28 Jan, 2014

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Lovely postcard walls. .....
Posted by YiliLoh on 28 Jan, 2014

Sutomi, Germany work ;o) great postcard walls
Posted by Sutomi on 28 Jan, 2014

Baronin, Germany
pugs and strings, I think that's great and easy!
Posted by Baronin on 28 Jan, 2014

danielc, United Kingdom
It reminds me of my bedroom when I was a teenager, all the walls from floor to ceiling were covered in postcards. As I received new cards, I replaced some of the older ones.
Posted by danielc on 28 Jan, 2014

phuleshouse, Canada
Love the displays
Posted by phuleshouse on 28 Jan, 2014

dee_narcissa, Indonesia
I put my favorite postcards on my filing cabinet, using magnets :-)
Posted by dee_narcissa on 28 Jan, 2014

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Nice decoration, postcards deserve these honour places! And by the way, just found over FB page, cool!
Posted by Luziaceleste on 28 Jan, 2014

9teen87, United States of America
Thank you for sharing these. I love to see how postcards are displayed. Did you know there was a Facebook group only for pictures and ideas on how to display your postcards ...
Posted by 9teen87 on 28 Jan, 2014

edo, Spain
Posted by edo on 28 Jan, 2014

Sprinkledonut, Canada
Who needs wallpaper when you have postcards! Great post. Thank you!
Posted by Sprinkledonut on 28 Jan, 2014

LaMa1, Netherlands
Great ideas. And nice that now also those without Facebook and Twitter (yes they for example) Now I need more empty walls in my house to do something with these nice ideas.
Posted by LaMa1 on 28 Jan, 2014

gabitha, United States of America
I want to do this, but I can't really think of a good way to do it without damaging the cards! Clothespins would work, but I think they're sort of tacky.
Posted by gabitha on 28 Jan, 2014

Penelop, Canada
Gabitha, there are tiny clothespin available at craft shops which are far less tacky than the regular ones, and they come in nice colours, too.
Posted by Penelop on 28 Jan, 2014

v-topangel, Taiwan
very good idea! I am going to make one tonight! :D
Posted by v-topangel on 29 Jan, 2014

Roadrunner73, Germany
Very nice inspirations.
Posted by Roadrunner73 on 29 Jan, 2014

Rightman, Ukraine
Здорово! Планирую сделать у себя дома подобное
Posted by Rightman on 29 Jan, 2014

MrsTaavi, Germany
Great ideas! :)
Posted by MrsTaavi on 29 Jan, 2014

frogie, Indonesia
Amazing :D Love them!
Posted by frogie on 29 Jan, 2014

UnaHora, Germany
At the beginning I put my postcards with double-faced tapes on the wall, so I can remove the cards without damage.
I placed them around the map of europe and the world to see where they are from. (Like the Postcrossing map)
But now I have so much postcards, so I decided to put them in a photo album with insert pockets. My cards are protect and when I feel like to look at, I take my album(s) :D
Posted by UnaHora on 29 Jan, 2014

marica_t, United States of America
When I get my own place I plan on hanging up two rows of ribbon and then using mini clothes pegs to hang my postcards on them! Excellent ideas of displays here!

Greetings from Ohio, Marica
Posted by marica_t on 29 Jan, 2014

ipuenktchen, Iran
great idea, to show what others are doing with their cards, using for decoration!!
Posted by ipuenktchen on 29 Jan, 2014

cinthiamor, Brazil
wonderful ideas! I wanna make one too! thank you!
Posted by cinthiamor on 29 Jan, 2014

agsippl, United States of America
Posted by agsippl on 29 Jan, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@agsippl: great display! and we love stamppot here as well :D
Posted by meiadeleite on 29 Jan, 2014

vonxblood, United States of America
This gives me ideas for when we have our own house again. I really like the strings with pegs idea. :)
Posted by vonxblood on 29 Jan, 2014

booboo_babies, United States of America
I scan my postcards and use them as screen savers on my computer. At home, I do this with all my cards, at work, I do this with only the cards that are appropriate for display in an office. Each card is only shown for 10 seconds, so I get to see plenty of cards at any given time.
Posted by booboo_babies on 29 Jan, 2014

YOIYUMTEWA, United States of America
Some interesting ideas here.....Better than just storing them all away in a box somewhere
Posted by YOIYUMTEWA on 30 Jan, 2014

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Lovely creative displays! I don't have enough wall space for all my cards but have a 'postcard of the week' spot on my bedroom door :-)
Posted by lucymonty on 30 Jan, 2014

inPhobos, Germany
Very nice! Well done, everybody!
Most of our walls are full with paintings already, so it's unlikely that we will have a postcard wall.
Posted by inPhobos on 30 Jan, 2014

Lata, United Kingdom
Lovely ideas! I am a "strings and minipegs" kind of girl and I have two rows in our lounge walls, where I display the most recent cards and the favourites I feel unable to ever bring down.
For displaying a very special card on my desk I have recently discovered mini easels.
Posted by Lata on 31 Jan, 2014

Kami-chan, Germany
wow, these postcard walls are a great idea :) i'm myself are thinking about how to present all the lovely postcards I've got :) currently I collect them all in a box XD
Posted by Kami-chan on 31 Jan, 2014

rini_rinrin, Indonesia
inspiring ^_^
Already did with my butterfly postcards collection on the wall... but, some idea came up after saw the pictures shared above ^_^
Posted by rini_rinrin on 4 Feb, 2014

soft_cheek, Turkey
I think It'S Cutest :D
Posted by soft_cheek on 5 Feb, 2014

purplekiwi, United States of America
I used to put mine on the wall in my bedroom, but I was running out of room, and my sister was starting to get annoyed. I took them all down over Christmas and now they are sitting in a drawer. I am trying to think of something wonderful to do with them but haven't figured it out yet. Any ideas?
Posted by purplekiwi on 9 Feb, 2014

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