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Who’s ready for the biggest day of the year, next Friday? 🙋‍♀️ We’ve ordered some postcards, restocked our stamp supplies, refilled our fountain pens and made a quick list of people we’d like to send postcards to on this special day, so we’re super ready to spend October 1st spreading the joy of happy mail!

World Postcard Day logo

Join us in mailing a postcard to a friend or a relative, to someone who needs a bit of cheering up, a thank you postcard to a person who had a positive impact in your life this year or help a little one send their first postcards! These are some of the ways in which you can celebrate the day and spread some mail joy.

You can also send postcards to other postcrossers, and like last year, if you request an address through Postcrossing on World Postcard Day, you’ll get your a special badge on your profile (or a little something extra on your current World Postcard Day badge, if you already have one). Last year, we made things a bit confusing with timezones (they’re so complicated 😱!), so this year we decided to simplify: if you send a postcard during October 1st in the timezone of your account’s location, it’ll be counted for the badge. That should make it easier: just draw addresses during your October 1st, and when one of those postcards arrives, the badge will show up on your profile!

And last but not least, there are a number of events organised around the world to celebrate the day — from exhibitions and seminars, to children activities, special cancellation marks and even some meetings of enthusiastic postcrossers taking place. Check out the Events page for more details and to join an event near you!

Even if there’s nothing happening in your area, you can still join an online event — like this seminar by Barry Stagg (Chairman of the British Thematic Association) on the various ways in which to collect, store and display picture postcards. Or, you can participate via Instagram Live on a postcard-writing event organised by “From Me to You”, a UK charity that will be writing postcards for people in hospitals. We’ll be online too, quietly writing postcards most of the day on Postcrossing’s Discord server voice channel — you’re welcome to join us there, if you’d like.

Let us know in the comments how you’re planning to spend this special day… and let the countdown begin!


Good news, everyone! We have an official postcard for the World Postcard Day 2021, and it’s beautiful! 😍

We received 173 submissions in the contest in the past couple of months, and so it was a really difficult task to pick just three winners among all the designs. Together with Finepaper and Curator Georgina Tomlinson from London’s Postal Museum, we’ve ooh’d and aah’d at all the little details, the colors and different ways that our artists (some of them quite young!) chose to interpret this year’s theme “Across the world on a postcard”. Magic carpet postcard rides, postcards as tickets for a worldwide trip, parents showing children the world through postcards, cute animals writing their cards… there was a bit of everything!

In the end, the juries were enthralled by this design from Taiwanese postcrosser and artist Shao-hua Wu (aka shao_huaaa):

The official postcard of the World Postcard Day 2021 features a hand writing hello on an oversized postcard, showing different monuments from around the world.

She did a brilliant job of illustrating this year’s theme, and we’ll be delighted to see this gorgeous design making its way to many mailboxes on October 1st! Congratulations Shao-hua! About the design, she wrote:

“Postcard with the exotic scenery delivered to every postcrosser.
Made our mind travel to different places on postcards.
Bring the local daily and special memory to people’s normal day.”

Isn’t that sweet? Our minds do travel to different places when we send or receive postcards, as they are indeed little pieces of special memories brought into our days. 😊 You can see many more of Shao-hua’s illustrations on her Instagram page, and we invite you to also come check out the 2nd and 3rd place winners on the contest page.

If you’d like to print this postcard on your local printing shop or through an online service (like Vistaprint), the files are available for download on the World Postcard Day page. If you use it or receive it, we encourage you to share it online with the hashtag #WorldPostcardDay! We’d love to see how far and wide this postcard travels, and especially look forward to seeing pictures of it next to different mailboxes!

And with just a month and a half to go, it’s time to get our ducks in a row and start preparing for the World Postcard Day in earnest! A few events are already on the calendar, but we look forward to many more popping up in the next few weeks.

Not sure how you can celebrate the day? Check out this page for some tips – for instance, you can bring postcards to a classroom to help little ones learn from them and send some, or help your local library or museum do something special to mark the day. Share your plans with us in the comments below, or on this forum topic, so we can spread the word and cheer you on!

And naturally, the World Postcard Day badge will be awarded once more to those who send at least one postcard in Postcrossing on October 1st (during UTC time). Make sure to save some slots until then, so you can request a few postcards on the day!

PS: Hi everyone! I’m adding a little postscript to this post to make a few things clear.

As Paulo mentioned somewhere in the comments below, the World Postcard Day postcard was chosen by a multi-disciplinary jury based on the artistic interpretation of this year’s theme. We think it’s a lovely postcard which perfectly embodies the spirit of “Across the world on a postcard”.

Design competitions are based on artistic merit of the submitted work — not on the artist’s personal life or their views. Postcrossing and the World Postcard Day do not endorse anyone’s political views with this design, and we do not award or disqualify designs based on them.

We have listened to all arguments presented and understand that this is an important topic to some of our members, but we do not see a valid reason to disqualify this postcard. In the end, the World Postcard Day is a celebration of postcards and the joy that they bring — whether one prints the official postcard or chooses to commemorate with any other postcard, it’s all good!

Postcrossing aims to be a respectful and friendly community, and many of the comments in this blog post were not in that spirit. Because this discussion no longer feels productive, I’m afraid we are closing the comments here. As always, the team can be reached directly via the Contact Form.


Submissions are now open on the World Postcard Day design contest that we’re running together with our friends at Finepaper, and interested designers can upload their designs! So, if you’re artistically inclined, it’s time to come up with ideas that represent this year’s theme “Across the world on a postcard”, and submit them on the contest page. I’m sure postcrossers know better than anyone the feeling of traveling to another place through a postcard… so it should be an easy task to represent this idea trough an image, right? 😇

And let’s talk prizes! Although only one postcard will be the official postcard of this year’s World Postcard Day, the best three designs will all receive prizes:

World Postcard Day prizes: Wacom Tablets and Pantone products

Each winner will be awarded a bluetooth Wacom drawing tablet, plus some neat Pantone products as well! These Pantone goodies were kindly sponsored by Tecnimprensa (the company that represents Pantone in Portugal), and I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

You have until the end of July 15th (UTC) to submit your proposals digitally, and the winners will be announced in mid-August, which should then give everyone plenty of time to download and print the official postcard locally, like last year.

Even if you’re not very artistically inclined, make sure to spread the word about the contest to any talented friends. We are super curious about this year’s designs, and can’t wait to see which postcard will be the official World Postcard Day postcard of 2021! 🎉


… and so it starts again! 😊

World Postcard Day 2021 logo

We’ve been working behind the scenes on this year’s edition of the World Postcard Day, and today we’d like to announce one of the most exciting parts of it: the graphic design competition to find the official postcard of 2021's events! Last year, we tested by running the contest in Portugal only, together with our friends at Finepaper, a neat printing and design company based in Lisbon. This year, and in the global spirit of postcards, we’re extending the competition to the whole world. So no matter whether you’re a student in Bangladesh, an artist in Argentina, or maybe just someone who really likes drawing, crafts or design — you can participate too!

This year’s theme is “Around the world on a postcard”. The ability to transport us to far away places through the image and words is a really nice characteristic of postcards, and we would like to see this facet featured on this year’s official postcard. How you will choose to make that work is up to you — illustration, photography or some sort of mixed design approach are all valid approaches to the topic. The sky is the limit!

World Postcard Day Contest banner

Will there be prizes? You mean, besides worldwide recognition and the immense satisfaction of seeing your design traveling all around the world? 🤪 Naturally! They’ll be announced on the World Postcard Day contest page soon, along with the rules and juries of the contest.

Digital design submissions open later this month, but we are giving postcrossers an early heads-up so you can start working on your proposals. Gather your pencils or fire up Photoshop, and tell your friends to participate too! The contest will run for around 2 months, and results will be published on the World Postcard Day page (and here on the blog) sometime after the deadline closes. We are really looking forward to seeing your creative ideas pour in!

And if, like many of us, you don’t have a lot of creative bones in your body, this is a good time to start making plans and think how you’ll celebrate this year’s event. While we’re busy poking post offices and big postal museums, you can get in touch with your local libraries, museums, schools or other organizations and invite them to commemorate this date as well! Share your ideas with others in the comments below or in this forum topic — now’s the time to start creating some buzz and prepare to make October 1st the best day in the year!


Oooooof… World Postcard Day was such a rush! Everywhere we looked, people were posting and tweeting about their postal adventures, showing the pretty cards they were mailing, or giving the world a peak into their happy mailboxes. So many things happened that it took us a while to recover from all the excitement… but here we are now to tell you all about it!

First things first: remember the Stampex Talk we mentioned? It went brilliantly! We had a nice time chatting with Isobel Klempka from Stampex, postcrosser & philatelist Constanze, ABPS chairman Graham Winters, actor and postcrosser Sam West… as well as quite a few of you, who jumped in at the end to show your treasures! We oooh’d and aaah’d at all your stories and special postcards, and had a really good time. If you weren’t at the event, you can enjoy a recording of it below:

A lot more talks about stamps and collecting happened at Stampex between 1–3 October, and you can see an archive of those on the Auditorium of the event.

Singapore Philatelic Museum's event with schools Meanwhile, lots of museums geared up to participate on World Postcard Day! Some showcased the postcards on their collections on social media, others helped spread the word, a few organized workshops or school actions. With the help of the Singapore Philatelic Museum, students in 40 primary schools throughout the country wrote messages of love and appreciation on postcards, to their friends, family and healthcare professionals. For many, this was the first time writing postcards!

World Postcard Day events in Croatian schools

Simultaneously in Croatia, Hrvatska PoÅ¡ta helped 17,000 students in 500 primary schools throughout the country learn more about mail and postcards with the help of an educational video featuring their mascot, Marko Markica. The students were offered postcards, which they wrote during the class.

Lithuanian World Postcard Day events

And still on the topic of schools, we lost count of the number of times the lesson plan was downloaded! Postcrosser DovilÄ— (aka VaDovi) challenged her former primary school teacher to participate in the event, which she promptly accepted. They used the lesson plan, postcards were printed, more classes joined and when the day came, 150 students at the Mažeikių KalnÄ—nų Progimnazija participated in the event, learning about mail, how and what to write on a postcard, where to stick the stamps, etc. Hurray!

The Postcardist logo

Frank Roche (aka Postcardist) put together a special episode of his Postcardist podcast, where we hear about people’s plans for World Postcard Day all around the world. A few postcrossers chimed in to share their plans, and we especially enjoyed hearing about BonnieJeanne’s (aka postmuse) plans to make ravioli for dinner, because they’re often shaped like postage stamps — what a neat idea to celebrate a postal-themed day!

And last but not least, some of you have already started to receive your World Postcard Day badges on your profiles, as the postcards you sent on October 1st slowly arrive to their destinations. A grand total of 45453 postcards were sent on Postcrossing that day — one of the best days ever in the project!

By the time October 1st came to an end, we were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for all the enthusiasm with which the Postcrossing community embraced the launch of the World Postcard Day. Thank you for spreading the word, sending postcards and helping put this day on the calendar! 💙 It was such a lovely highlight in this gloomy year.

We’re already buzzing with ideas for 2021… but we would love to hear your thoughts too! Got any cool suggestions or plans for next year’s World Postcard Day? Let us know in the comments!