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Alright, let’s do this! We’ve done our best to make sure everything was shipshape with the second most voted design by the judges, and now we’re ready to reveal it!

So jumping right into it, here is 2023's official World Postcard Day postcard, created by illustrator Lisa Saputra (aka lisasaputra) in Indonesia:

A child on a boat extends her arms up to the moon above, who is waiting for an embrace. Between them, a postcard shines, and other postcards float around.

Lisa is a postcrosser as well as an indie children’s book illustrator (check out Tomo Kidsbook), and she still found the time to work on an entry for the contest! We love the style and the poetic interpretation of the topic that puts a shiny postcard right at the center of a hug. Congratulations, Lisa! 🎉

Here’s a short text she wrote about her submission:

Once in a blue moon, the two long lost friends meet and hug each other. Their hundreds of letters and postcards roamed the oceans before they finally met. Now they can say, “till we meet again, my dear friend!”

As always, we make the design available for free on the World Postcard Day website, and if you wish, you can print it at a local print shop or online printing service. And like we keep saying, any postcard sent on October 1st is a World Postcard Day postcard — so feel free to mail this or any other postcards you like or have available. They’re all brilliant! If you’re planning to send postcards on the day, we encourage you to share a picture of your postcards next to a mailbox on social media, using the hashtag #WorldPostcardDay, as a way to spread the word.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and start brainstorming ways to spread some happiness into unsuspecting mailboxes, so we can make this the best World Postcard Day yet!

We aim for Postcrossing to be a positive and supportive community, but sadly quite a few of the comments on our previous postcard announcement were not in that spirit… so, after much consideration, we’ve decided to keep the comments on this post closed. As usual, for questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us.

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