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Today we would like to share with you a love story. It’s one of the many wonderful stories we receive from our members about their use of Postcrossing.


My name is Mircea and I want to tell you the story of the “relation” that I’ve created between my grandmother and Postcrossing. My grandmother (mamaia – in Romanian – which is her name in Postcrossing) is a 78 years old lady living in Timisoara. I wonder if she is the oldest or not. I’m just curious about that! She is a retired math teacher and loves postal services. For example one year ago, she has sent me a telegram (a really rare thing in this times) to wish me happy birthday.

I have made the account in her name because she is old and doesn’t know languages other that Romanian and also doesn’t know how to use a computer. I have asked every one to write her in Romanian. So I’ve created a pattern that can be copied and by the sender to include the sender name and location. In that way, my grandmother can read the postcards she has received. Every time she got a new one she makes a call to me and I registered the card. We live 600km apart, she in Timisoara in the western part of Romania and I in Focsani, which is in the eastern part.

I also chose, write and send her cards in the world. Some senders write something more in Romanian than I have asked them and that is a great feeling.

Love from Romania from KLMircea and Mamaia.

If you have an interesting use of Postcrossing, please share it with us!


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Does Postcrossing have a special meaning for you? Does it make you smile every time you receive a postcard from the other side of the planet? Did it transform the way you see your mailbox? Now here’s a chance to share all that with everyone.

We are preparing a new section for Postcrossing with testimonials from our members. It will feature what YOU think about Postcrossing and how important it is for you. So, we prepared a webpage where you can tell us your thoughts about the project: no special rules, other than to be honest about what you think and to try to keep it short. And don’t forget to tell us how you want to be identified by (your name and/or location), or if you prefer that your testimonial to remain anonymous – we’ll respect that.

Oh, by the way, we will hand-pick a couple of the best ones to receive a postcard from us, thanking you for the shared love! So don’t be shy and tell us what you think about Postcrossing. We are looking forward to hear from you!


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Need an idea for a Valentine’s day present to the love of your life? Does he or she like postcards too?

We have just stumbled upon the perfect little gift: the postcup!
Postcups are lovely mugs that have a heart or message engraved on one side. On the other side you can customize them with your own message – as if they were a postcard :)

Isn’t that sweet? They’re handmade by Etsy user baileydoesntbark, and you can get them in her shop.


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Postcrossing received this wonderful article written by Markus (aspen), who recently interviewed Geoffrey (misterteapot, from Australia) and Kati (kilona, from Finland).
If you haven’t heard the good news yet, Geoffrey and Kati met through Postcrossing, after which they fell in love and got married. They’re now living in Finland. Here’s the story:

Start postcrossing. You might get married

Postcrossing is responsable of this, laughs Geoffrey meaning his marriage with a Finn, Kati. It would not have happened if they both hadn’t been postcrossers. But what are postcrossers? Postcrossing means sending postcards to all over the world. If you send a card to Germany, you might receive one from a Brazilian postcrosser. Why? Because people want to receive real mail. This kind of hobby brought the Reynolds together. “How else could we have met? I can’t think of any other way!” says Geoffrey who has moved to Finland. The couple is crazy about postcards and Geoffrey has to close his eyes everytime there’s a post office or a card shop near. Otherwise he would go shopping.

Thousands of addresses

I have hundreds of addresses of postcrossers tells Kati and shows her black address book. Geoffrey has saved thousands of addresses to his computer. They send cards every here and there just to make other postcrossers happy. You can do postcrossing with smaller contribution also. Geoffrey joined Postcrossing after he had heard of it from his friends. It sounded a fun idea and I was curious. I noticed soon how nice people are! I noticed also how little I know about the world. In the USA some families even teach geography to their children via postcrossing. A genious idea, praises Geoffrey.

Translation done by Soili (soili). For those of you that read Finnish, the original version can be viewed in this scan of the article.

Once again, congratulations Geoffrey and Kati! :)

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