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(or Frank_+_Daniela_+_Felix) are a group of people in Germany . They have been members for over 1 year (608 days).
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About Frank_+_Daniela_+_Felix...

Hi there ;-)

We - Frank + Daniela + son Felix - love to receive postcards from everywhere. Most of all we would like to see where you live!
Views of city, landscape, island, country are welcome as well as maps, flags, your wildlife etc. But every other postcard is welcome, too ;-)

If you don't know what to write, just say HELLO to our son Felix. If you write "(town/state/Country/Island) says Hello to Felix" we will be very happy. Maybe you add this in your language ;-)

We also love beautiful and special STAMPS !

We love direct swaps! We always try to find the perfect postcard and Special nice stamps.
Just let us know if you would like to receive a postcard from us. Most of all we would love to see where you live. So send us a Card with a view from your City, town, village, island or Country ;-) In Exchange, you can get a card by surprise or tell us what you like ;-)

If a postcard is going to expire, we send a message to the receiver. If the Receiver confirms that he/she hasn't got our postcard, we send a SECOND one.

However, some postcards expire anyway :-/
USA (1)
Russia (2)
China (1)
Brazil (1)
Czechia (1)
Indonesia (1)
Taiwan (1)