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About Cynthia...

Hello, I am Cynthia and I live in a small village near Rotterdam. The most important in my life are my pets (dog, cat & 3 rats), friends and family!

What makes me happy in life?
A crunchy baked chocolate chip cookie, reading thrillers, the color purple, the smell of clean laundry, listening to the music of Bryan Adams, warm summer evenings, the beautiful blue eyes of a husky, buying clothes and bags, mystic Venice, a beautiful leather diary, seahorses, sleeping in my hammock, candles, inspirational quotes, baby animals and walking barefoot in the sand.

I appreciate very much every card you sent me, they are such a nice surprise in my mailbox!
I’m very interested in the person who’s sending me a card. Please tell me something about your life, use the opportunity to reveal yourself to a complete stranger. Above all I love my cards fully written!!!

Thank you in advance for any postcard! They make my day!
With love!

P.s. you can find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CynthiaDBrand,
you can add me as your friend if you wish!

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