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Hello fellow Postcrosser!

I am Fang Yie :)

I was born and grew up in Malaysia, but since 2020, I moved to Singapore to pursue my tertiary education at the National University of Singapore, so I have been staying in Singapore for almost 4 years! And I think, moving onwards, I would be very likely to continue to live in Singapore!

My dear cousin @jtewtew_411 introduced post crossing to me, and I thought that it is a good idea to make friends with different nationalities :) I think even though that we have never met before, but we will be able to connect with our emotions, interests and hobbies!

Here are some of my hobbiess~
I love cooking! I can cook Chinese food, western food, korean food! I also love baking, creme brulee, souffle pancake, cheesecake, cookies and many more! Sometimes, I wonder why I love spending time to bake and cook, but I realize these are the things that make me happy and peaceful.It would be great if you can share with me your favourite food!

I also love to read life-inspiring books, have been listening to this audiobook - Tuesday with Morrie, it is a very nice, loving, make-you-think-of-life book. Share with me a book that you enjoy reading lately if you have one!

I definitely love travelling too! I had the opportunity to visit Finland in 2022 Autumn to Winter for my student exchange programme, since then I could not forget the amazing natures, cultures, and people in Europe. I really hope that I have the chance to travel back to Europe again.

I would appreciate any kind of post cards written from y'all! Don't hesitate to share a snippet of your life's story, a glimpse into your dreams, or even just a brief recount of your day.

[For stamp collectors who are interested to showcase your stamps]
If you would like to showcase some more interesting and beautiful stamps from your country, you can send the postcard in an envelope, so that I can collect the stamps too. But this is just a suggestion, and not a must :) I would also love postcards on its own without envelope too, as it gives the postcard character and a story for its journey!

If you're curious about the kind of cards that bring a smile to my face, receiving something unique fills my heart with joy, though lovely viewcards from your corner of the world are always a delight too.

Oh, and if you happen to stumble upon an aphorism or wise saying from any culture, please do share it on the card; I'm drawn to the wisdom found in such words.

Looking forward to exchanging a piece of our worlds through Postcrossing.

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