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About Joanna...

MIGLI FROM LITHUANIA! - You forgot write ID on your postcard :( Please write to me :)

Shortly about me:

My name is Joanna and I'm an ordinary girl from Poland who is fascinated by the diversity of world :) I work in a museum, I love sleeping, I hate insincerity and I would like to improve my engish skills :)

In 2013 I had to suspend my passion. But today (January 16, 2016 - happy day!) I've found that I can't live without postcards, so I RESUME my activity! :)

What I love:
♥ ART, Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha
♥ Old photos
♥ Nightviews
♥ Moomins,Krtek (and all series like that)
♥ all kind of food (:D)
♥ owls,PENGUINS... and other animals (even snakes and spiders are ok!)
♥ history (especially Second World War and 20's)
♥ military
♥ postcards which shows your country (you know, like: Netherlands - Clogs, Australia - Kangaroos etc.)
♥ and of course every beautiful postcard! :)


More about postcards:

I enjoy all kinds of postcards*:)I count on your good taste:)
For me the most important is to have something written from you!:)

* - but I ask for real postcards:>. (NO ad cards!, newspapers and rather no handmade.
Thank you for taking your time to make me happy!:)



Si vous êtes de la France, de la Belgique, du Québec etc. écrivez-moi en français, svp!:) J'apprends le francais, donc tout qui s'associe avec votre pays est désirable:)

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