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swisscowgirl, Switzerland


(or Elisabeth) is a member in Switzerland . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,229 days).
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Lat: 47.56, Lon: 7.57 | Google Maps

About Elisabeth...

Hi there! I am half Swiss and half Czech (grew up speaking both German and Czech) and live in Basel, the third largest city of Switzerland. I'm a cook by trade and love reading, music, exploring my city, going to hockey and basketball games, swimming, hiking, growing herbs and other plants on my balcony, coffee, wearing hats, and foreign languages. Aside from my two native languages and English, I speak fluent French; les cartes écrites en français sont donc les bienvenues.

I like my postcards written, stamped and dated (strictly no envelopes please and no extras that can't be attached to a written and stamped card).
I don't collect stamps but very much enjoy beautiful ones.

Please NO folded cards (those are not postcards!), paintings/art, ad cards, Touchnote/Zazzle, selfmade cards, cute stuff, folded greeting cards or Christmas/Easter/birthday cards or cards not from the country where you live... sorry, these are better off with people appreciating them.

If you are from a country whose Postcrossing ID has 5 digits or less, please send me a touristic postcard- you'll make my day!

Cards I like best, in totally random order:

anything from my favorites (all cards I haven't received... please tell me if you are sending me one so I can remove it)
local food, recipes, coffee, beer, cider
flags, maps, national emblems, people in traditional costumes, native people (esp. Sami, Inuit, Native American), traditional music instruments from your country
touristic postcards
sports (favorites: ice hockey, basketball, track and field, rugby, ski jumping, surfing)
Subway/metro trains and maps, trains, train stations, buses, trams, ships
all things Catholic (just please no Bible verses)
mosques, Islamic art, religious buildings in general
cacti, edible or carnivorous plants, traveller's trees
animals (no pets or spiders please... favorites: prey birds, parrots, big cats, wolves, deer, squirrels, snakes, Fauna of Belarus cards from BY)
Royalty past and present (only from country of origin please)
military/firefighting (I was a voluntary firefighter for 12 years)
from the US: state maps (missing AK, MT, NV), Civil War, Wild West
Nouvelles Images, Robert Doisneau