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  • icon English, Filipino, a little bit of French
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  • icon 22nd January 1997
    (22 years old)
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About Stacey...

"To those who stay put, the world is but an imaginary place. But to the movers, the makers, and the shakers, the world is all around them, an endless invitation."

I'm a 21-year-old Manila girl aspiring to be one with the movers, the makers, and the shakers. I have always been aware of the fact that I live in a world populated with so many ambitions and stories to tell; a world that, in all its chaos and beauty, is home to billions of people just like me. We are different yet so alike in many ways and I am sincerely interested in knowing how that is possible. They say the world is filled with thousands of elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives and I may not get to know where each person is coming from, but I can try. I hold big dreams in my heart and twice the number of plans on how to reach them in my mind and almost all of those dreams and plans of mine point to one thing: I want to explore all 360° of this world we live in..

and I have this gut feeling that by sending bits of who I am and by receiving bits of who you are, I get to place another feather on my hat because that's what I'm genuinely passionate about: sharing what it's like in my side of the world and learning what it's like to be in yours. Tell me what makes us so different from each other but at the same time, let me know how we're just the same.

So, even with just a simple postcard and whatever comes with it, beguile me with the story you have to tell.. What's it like waking up in your country each morning, a captivating word/phrase so unique in your language, the way people greet each other in coffee shops there, some crazy news going around town, or how vast you see the world from where you are.. and how much more of it you think you have yet to experience.

I'm already about to graduate college after majoring in Political Science. Yes, it sounds pretty heavy...but you should know that I still spend my time doing the things that I love like learning more of the French language and its culture, or playing a song on the guitar/violin, or creating an artwork out of anything that I find, or writing away my thoughts, or spending valuable time with my family and friends, or even looking for new adventures to take on in the streets of Manila.

I try to break the mundane life routines every once in a while because here's the thing-- I don't want the world to gradually become an imaginary place to my eyes. I don't want to stay put.. so if you can, take me with you (figuratively, of course! Haha!) and we can both accept this endless invitation the world is offering us.

Oh and I would very much appreciate a not-your-ordinary-day postcard that comes with anything that would give me a glimpse of what it's like over there! There is nothing too little that no one can extract happiness from. Do know that I will cherish whatever you choose to send to me. :) I can't wait to hear from you, my friend! Thank you in advance!

Sending you love from my world to yours,

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