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About Gerrit...

Hello Postcrossing friend!

Nice to meet you!

My interests are fashion history, history of arts, history of women (labour, emancipation) and history and uniforms of stewardesses in civil aviation. I am a keen collector of stamps, postcards and fashion accessories.

I like cards about
* fashion and fashion history
* make-up, cosmetics, perfume
* woman's portraits
* actresses, movie stars (for example Romy Schneider)
* women in sports
* pin-up
* female eroticism, woman's love and romantics
* civil aviation
* railway stations
* metro/underground stations
* passenger ships/liners before 1960
* river vessels, canal boats, barges
* historical associations and remembrance of world war I and II
* London (single view)

For more inspiration take a look at my favourites postwall. I'm looking forward to receive your card!

Please write something about yourself, not Happy Postcrossing only. For example: what's your daily routine; or tell me about your dreams and desires.

If you don't mind, and if possible, I would like to receive your card in a envelope.

Good luck and best wishes!

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