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Hello and Grüezi 😀
My name is Eric and I am from cute little Switzerland. I'm 18 years old.
I speak German, English, French and I am learning Spanish at the moment. Would be cool if you write me in one of those languages.
I love to play electric bass and tennis. Another hobby of me is traveling. I also like to watch movies, listen to different style of music and sometimes I even read ab book :)
I am really inteested in aviation✈️ - I also take photos of airplanes and visited different airports in different countries. I share my pictures also on Instagram.
To my travel plans: I love to discover new places and countries. My latest visited countries are Malta, Italy (Venice) and Spain (Mallorca). I also explore many places in my own country - Switzerland! Mostly I travel here by public transport. Tell me about your travel life!
!!! ALL POSTCARDS ARE WELCOME!!! also Handmade-cards, Maxi-cards and Metal-cards and other special cards !!!
Of course I also like postcards, who are related with my hobbies.
Cards in envelopes are also okay 👍🏻
Hope to get some postcards from everywhere over the world 🌎
Eric ✈️
If you want to see more about my photography, visit my website:

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