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About Hanna...

Please, in case you have a choice, I'd rather NOT receive MULTI-VIEW cards or cards in ENVELOPES (no bookmarks, magnets etc., please). Nice stamps are always welcome! :-)
Would be wonderful to see more addresses in people's own alphabets/writing systems alongside with the latin version. :-)

Moi, everyone! :-)

Trying to lighten up my profile a little, I erased most of the yammering and babbling, as interesting that was, or not... And here is the result. Please choose a number! :-)

(If the links do not work, or you do not feel like listening to the songs etc., here is another profile for a more normal description about me: If you want a visual clue about my likes, please take a look at the cards I have favourited.)







(I used to live in the neighbourhood where this is filmed at the time this was filmed - you can see my old balcony even.)







What kinds of thought/feelings did you get when you heard the song (or number) you chose? Please send a card inspired by that and tell something about you at the same time. :-) The songs are either in Finnish or another Finno-Ugric language (no. 3). I listen to a lot of film music really, but I especially wanted something with Finnish lyrics as I'm interested in languages myself and I think it's always nice to get to hear something I wouldn't otherwise even know to look for - I hope the same goes for you!

If you don't really know what to write on the card, it'd be nice to know what superpower you would (like to) have, if you had one.

Oikein paljon kiitoksia jo etukäteen! (Thank you very much in advance!) Iloista postcrossausta kaikille! (Happy postcrossing to you all!)

(MY UNOFFICIAL CARDS (swaps and the like) CAN BE FOUND ON FLICKR (link above). However, some of the albums aren't entirely up to date as I just created the account in March 2019.)

(Spotlight Interview: )

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