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rodeime, Australia


(or Roderick) is a member in Australia . He has been a member for over 11 years (4,174 days).
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Lat: -33.87, Lon: 151.21 | Google Maps

About Roderick...

I live in Sydney, the largest city in Australia and the site of the first permanent European settlement (1788).

I am a professional writer and photographer.

** DO's **

I like transport themed postcards (ships, planes, trains etc), UNESCO WH sites, cultural stuff and unusual destinations.

Generally I prefer not to get animal cards unless they are part of the transport theme or destination. Definitely not interested in cartoon, comic or crude cards. Freecards/rackcards only if fit the transport theme.

Of particular personal interest;

* Aviation, including civilian, military and historical
* Transport, including trains, ships, road and even stuff like camels and horse-drawn
* Motoring and automotive culture, including auto racing and racetracks
* Historic and significant hotels
* Weird and exotic locations seldom visited (view cards)

I prefer "conventional" trading, namely stamped and postmarked regular sized cards from the location depicted on the card, and I definitely prefer quality over quantity. I'm happy to accept blank cards on transport themes, especially if the cards are historic or antique.

** DON'Ts **

Postcard folks can be a bit odd, and I'm one. Here's my postcard faux pas list:

* Machine labels instead of stamps. Non-ordinary stamps are best
* Postcards not mailed from their point of origin eg Rome card mailed from London.
* Oversize cards. Just don't know what to do with them. Regular size please.
* Advertising cards with boring themes and no artistic merit.
* Dumb cartoon, cutesy animals or crude cards.

If I haven't put you off, you are welcome to make a private swap anytime.

My postcard site:

My Postcard Profile at FB:

Other sites of mine:
Expedition Cruise Blog
Photo Gallery
Adventure Cruise Guide