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redka, Poland


(or Joanna) is a member in Poland . She has been a member for over 7 years (2,901 days).
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  • Languages: polski, english, italiano
  • Birthday: 29th April
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About Joanna...

People from Netherlands: PLEASE, DON'T send me this postcard: !!!!

Hello everybody! :))

My name is Joanna, I'm 26 years old. I live in Poznan with my family, 2 cats and 4 bird-spiders (one of them is on my avatar - Grammostola rosea). Now, I'm studying computer science and bioinformatics at university in Poznan.
I'm interested in terraristic, computers, programming, genetics, bioinformatics, animals, music etc. I love travelling, trekking, reading books, spending time with friends and meeting new people!


Please, check my blog ( and don't send me postcards which I've already got, because I have many doubles!!

I like real photos, not pictures, cartoon and arts.

Postcards showing:
- multiviews (!!),
- aerial views, street views (!!),
- Black&White or sepia city-views (!!),
- city-views full of lights, streets with sign-boards,
- road signs, street signs, roofs,
- mountains, caves, vulcanos,
- lighthouses, bridges,
- spiders, insects, lizards, snakes, big wild cats or colourful exotic birds,
- trains, locomotives and trams
- Paris, Prague, Russian architecture, Barcelona architecture(!)
- landscapes without snow,
- Great Wall, (white) tigers or dragons from China,
- fjords from Norway,
- Pooky,
- Moments of Colour (
- Atelier Nouvelles Images or other postcards with many things would be great!

You can also check my favourites on the postcards wall :)

Another really adorable thing would be cards showing specific places, nature, culture or things connected with your country/city.
But feel free to send me what you want :)

I'm also collecting nice stamps. See my collection:
PLEASE, don't send me: ads, cows, pigs, pets, manga, anime, snow views!
Write something about yourself, your job, the place where you live or anything else that's important to you and please, write something in your language ;)
I'm looking forward to receive your cards!
Please don't use envelopes and put the date on the cards you send me.
Please, send postcards from countries where you live.
I'm open for private SWAP!! Let me know if you want to exchange postcards with me :) If possibile, I'd like to exchange 3-10 (and more) postcards in envelope :)
Jestem również zainteresowana wymianą dużej ilości kartek z innych rejonów Polski! :)

Best wishes,