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princessofall, Poland


(or Zuzanna) is a member in Poland . She has been a member for over 5 years (2,160 days).
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  • Languages: English, Polish
  • Birthday: 12th January
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About Zuzanna...

My name is Zuzanna. I live in the village, nearby little city Piotrkow Trybunalski in Poland. I'm a student in high school. I attend class with Polish, English and history. I like meeting new people and traveling- I have been in Belgium and Hungary. My hobby is reading books- I love every kind of them, so cards with books are welcome :) In my free time I like also watching movies and listening to music. My favourite is rock music- if you like it too, write about it on your card and tell me about your favourite songs :)

In my town it's hard to find original, nice card, but I'm always trying to do it and make nice surprise to person, who will recive postcard from me. If you'll be disappointed, I'm so sorry :(

I'll be happy for every card, but especially for:
*Yours city views- i prefer nightviews, but every is welcome
*Postcards with capital city of your country
*Paddington Bear
*Famous artworks
*Harry Potter
*Royal Families /i prefer British/
*Guitars, pianos, violins
*The Beatles
*Old Movie Stars (as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlene Dietrich)
*B&W with colorfull accent
*Leonid Afremov
*Anna Wischin cats
*Inga Paltser owls
*LONDON and everything about UK
*Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit
*Banksy (or other graffiti artist)
*Titanic (also movie- love Leonardo DiCaprio)
*BBC Sherlock-SHERlocked-Benedict Cumberbatch ♥
*Mickey Mouse
*Winnie the Pooh
*Something from my favourites gallery :)

PLEASE, CHECK IT- If I didn't recieved any card from your country, please, send me cityview. I like them :) And if you want to send me something connected with art, please, no new art. I don't like it- send it to someone, who'll be happy for it.
I'm not removing from my favourites cards I've recieved, so please, check it ^^

Also I don't want view cards from country other than your ID. If you're sending me a view card, I want it to be from your ID country :)

But if it's not possible to send me one of cards I write up, send me whatever you want :) Every card is beautiful and will make me happy. I think more important is long story on other side :)

If you don't know what to write on card, ask for questions:
What's your favourite music/band/vocalist/etc?
What's your favourite movie?
What's last movie you have seen?
What's your favourite book?
What's the place where you live? Do you like it?
What's the best place you have visited?
If You sendining cart with architecture- what's that?

You can draw anything ^^ Or tell me your secret- I don't know you and your friends, so don't worry- I'll not tell anyone :D

I really don't like empty cards or just "My name is '...', I live in '...'" They always makes me sad, even if they are beautiful.

I look for swaps, especially from Czech Republic and United Kingdom, but every country is welcome. If you wanna do swap, send me a message or write it on card. I'm checking my email every day, so I'll write you answer as soon as it's possible.

Happy&creative postcrossing!