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About Elena...

Hello! My name is Lena. I'm from Russia. I live in a small city Izhevsk. My specialty is Business-Informatics. But despite this I am very creative person.

I prefer the postcards:
- with owl
- with bear
- with penguin
- with fishing
- with Inuit
- with Hummer (brand of trucks and SUVs)
- with parody of photo "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" (... over New York)
- with all Asian (food, film, music, actor/actress, anime, dorama, lakorn, place, clothing)
- cat on a windowsill
- The Great Wave off Kanagawa
- Inge Löök : Aunties (№ 49, 50, 51); Garden; Christmas
- Hjelm Förlag
- The Little Mole (Zdenìk Miler)
- Pearls Before Swine
- Nichtlustig
- Simon’s Cat
- Liz Climo
- Nemi (Lise Myhre)
- Kaori Wakamatsu
- Na Young Wu
- Kaii Higashiyama
- Ray Morimura
I'm looking for these cards:
However I would welcome any card ^.^
P.S. If you are going to send me the postcard in envelope, please put there your favorite tea-bag, if it isn’t inconvenient) I like tea :)
Thank you.