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    (24 years old)

About Zoe...

I am an Architecture student so it is a no-brainer that I love cards that features Architectural structures though I would be more than happy to receive what you offer because in the end, the essence of it comes from the story behind it and the message it holds that travels across the globe. Also, I am currently learning Spanish! :)

PETTY THINGS ABOUT ME : I really love the views of city lights and alleyways (heartwarming illustrations). It gives me the feeling of nostalgia and warmth. I also love nature for I am a self-proclaimed mountaineer on hiatus (I plan to climb again after studies). I am also fascinated by serial killers and true crimes for it shows the odd side of human behaviour. It's fun knowing there are endless things to like and dislike.


MOVIES: Horror movies, Call me by your name, A Walk to Remember, Tarantino movies, movies with Gael Garcia Bernal, Wes Anderson movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Les Miserables, Hamilton (the play), Kimi No Nawa, Disney(faves are Tangled, Frog Prince, Zootopia, The Robinsons, Beauty and the Beast, Silent Hills and Ghibli.

PEOPLE: Serial Killers, Architects, Authors, Artists and Movie Actors. For Germans, if possible, can I receive a Rammstein card? haha!

PLACES: Papua New Guinea, North Korea, Statue of Liberty, Dubai, London Bridge, Japanese shrines and temples, Great Wall of China, Sydney Opera house, 50 States of the USA, Windmills, Light houses and Dancing house in Praque, Czech Republic.

OTHERS: Lofi Mix, Music Lyrics, Movie Titles, Video Games, Pixel Art, Aesthetics, Pantone, Tumblr, Pop Art, Movie Posters, Junji Ito, Manga, heartwarming illustrations, alleyways, city lights and Cats.

But like I said above, I appreciate anything you will give me. I know that those are really hard to find. Introduce me to your taste of postcards. A GF, Maxicard, FOTW, Gotochi and Postcrossing meeting would be nice since I still had none.

Also, I love long letters in my snail mails so I would also love a card rich in content. Tell me anything. The setting when and where you are writing your card, your forever truth, life principles, your worries, your thoughts when you look at the moon at night. Surprise me! If you're an artist, please feel free to draw or sketch your thoughts. I love expressing through sketches.

Please do check out my "Favorites" List! (I just really think the cards are lovely, you might want to also add them to your wishlist. )

Please don't put the postcards on envelopes and as much as possible put stamps, beautiful or plain ones are appreciated. Also, don't forget to write the date and time on the postcard! It would really be cool if you also write on your native language.

Nagmamahal, Zoe.

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