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About kamisanlin...

Hi there :) I'm Daphne.
I live in the east part of Taiwan with my husband and 2 boys.
My house stands on a hill just beside the Pacific Ocean. Every morning I walk out and oversee the amazing sun rise to wake myself up.
I love to learn new things especially when I wish my boys to do. For instance, my older son is practicing triathlon cause' I am doing so. Swimming and biking cured his asthma anyways.
Recently I go work out in the gym. I love both weight training and body combat.
Besides sport, I can do crochet knitting very well. 10 years ago I wanna make a doll to my boy
,and I started to learn it thru youtube. Now I can even teach others this skill.
Unlike city people, my family loves to DIY lots of things. We have a little farm which provides us vegetables. We make bread and soy milk. Even more, we fix our furniture by ourselves. In the weekends, we go to the beach for fun instead to shopping or seeing movies.
My husband and I have a dream that we wanna move to Germany.

Preferred cards:BEACH,SPORTS,BIRDS especially OWLS.
If you don't have cards listed, I'd love to know anything interesting from your place.
Cards with special stuff is welcomed.

***Please help me to upload the image if I forgot,thanks***

Hope to receive message from you.


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