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About Bianca...

Hello everyone, my name is Bianca. I am a married woman and live a happy life in the south of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

I am working as a secretary at a Marine Survey Company.

My hobbies are my computer (surfing the internet, making digital photo books, downloading music etc).
Further I love to travel in and around the Netherlands.. England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany are my favorite (holiday) destinations.
I like to go to concerts, festivals and visit museums, theatre or cinema.

My favorite colour is black, I wear black clothes daily.
I’m into the Goth-scene, love bands as The Cure, Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, Clan of Xymox..

My favorite Postcards:

- Victorian / Medieval / Gothic style
(I don't like fantasy or art cards)
- Cathedrals
- Castles
- Graveyards
- Celtic (crosses)
- Bats
- Punk / New Wave
- Gothic architecture
- Old cities and villages
- History
- Royal Families / Kings and Queens
- Cards with a map of your country/area or touristic views are very welcome too.

In my wall of favorites you will find some cards which I like the most. I have also a 'pinterest' wall :

If you live outside Europe I would love to receive cards which shows me your city or country. It is very interested to see more of this beautiful planet, unfortunately it's so expensive to travel to. Map cards are very welcome too.

I don't prefer advertising/free cards..

Welcome to my hometown Rotterdam:

Have fun with Postcrossing around the world !


expired cards:
NL-194420 - Tarantella - Ukraine 1/July/2013
NL-1533134 - jang6527 - Taiwan - 7/Nov/2012
NL-1871420 - elisairene - Finland - 17/May/2013
NL-1997229 - raceytracy7 - U.S.A. - 5/Aug/2013
NL-2296808 - RandomJWhite - Russia 19/Jan/2014
NL-3347477 - smithsmith - United Kingdom 26/Feb/2016
NL-3338270 - ElizabethBennet - U.S.A - 21/Febr/2016
NL-4091595 - Winni - Russia - 14/Apr/2018
NL-4304015 - lareinayu - China - 26/Jan/2019
NL-4321408 - ''nadia'' Russia - 17/Feb/2019

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