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About Yvonne...

Peace, Love & Happiness! ☮️🕊💗🌈

I am an open-minded, attentive, pansexual, very empathic & introverted woman, who walks mindfully through life, doesn't think in grids and love to look behind the facades of humans 🙂 I love my highly sensitive personality ♡ Further, a Life and Social counselor in training, with many interests and passions. My professional goal is to work in a consultative & supportive way for the LGBTQ+ community 🏳️‍🌈💗🏳️‍⚧️

I live in Lower Austria, just 30min away from Austria's beautiful capital VIENNA. Lower Austria is famous for 2 Nationalparks, the Danube river, lot of abbeys and especially for the WACHAU region with its grapevines and famous apricot trees. It's the most beautiful river valley of Europe(!) & also UNESCO World Heritage.

As owner of a natural garden, I care with all my heart for the wild life here 🐦🦔🐝💗 and as a huge animal lover, I also support many animal welfare associations. My greatest love is my cat Marc; we have a very strong bond 🐈💕

About my interests, I'm obsessed with BOOKS! ♡ Nothing relaxes me more than a good book and a cup of coffee! 📖☕️🥰 Also a member on Goodreads & LovelyBooks 🤓
I'm a creative & playful soul; I like unicorns, playing my old Nintedo & to collect feathers, bookmarks, & rainbow-stuff 🌈
I love cinema (!Chris Nolan!), nostalgic things, 80s music, Classic Rock & Hans Zimmer, to watch series and - TENNIS matches! 🎾🤩
I like to explore cemetaries, lost places & historical places. I have a special weakness for WW monuments: I take pictures of them in every city, town or village 🖤 (Cards of it are SO WELCOME! 😍)
Trips of my dreams: Normandy, The Far North & St. Petersburg, Russia.💖

Postcrossing is another great passion; I love to make someone happy with the right card that I always choose carefully 😌
You can make me happy with a card of my wishlist below 🥰 Or check my FAVORITES to see what I like- the majority are cards that I don't have yet! You also can take a look at my complete collections on Flickr.

I collect the following series/themes:
(* = sent from your own country only!)
💗Planet Belarus*
💗WW-Memorials, WW-related, historical places
💗Churches*, Old Castles*
💗Cemeteries (also military!), Lost places
💗Autumn, Halloween & Christmas (only in the appropriate months)
💗LGTBQ+ & rainbow theme
💗PIN UPs & sexy women
💗Cute illustrations of girls with books, cats, coffee, birds, etc.
💗Foxes, Owls, Songbirds
💗Paintings by LEONID AFREMOV
💗Movie Stars from nostalgic era (20s-60s)
💗Gothic Romance, creepy & mysterious stuff

Please DON'T send cards with children or coloring cards, thank you.
Nice or historical stamps are welcome. Don't forget the date and I'd like to know something about YOU! 😉 Tell me, what you do & love, hobbies,dreams,wishes,also worries?! Maybe we've something in common? Let me know! I'm looking forward to your mail! 🤗

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