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ennamoj, Philippines


(or Jomanne) is a member in Philippines . He has been a member for over 5 years (2,095 days).
936 sent 941 received

  • Distance sent: 4,821,424 miles
  • Last seen: about 4 hours ago
  • Languages: Filipino, Pampango, English, some Japanese
  • Birthday: 21st April
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  • 9th on most postcards sent from Philippines
  • 9th on longest distance sent from Philippines
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Lat: 14.60, Lon: 120.98 | Google Maps

About Jomanne...

☆ Postcrossing break: Dec 2016~Jan 2018

Hey, I'm Riku.

I have my friends but I also enjoy solitude - indifference has stimulated the human in me. I cry my eyes for reasons unknown and laugh over the simplest things. I am typical, a mediocre, an introvert.

I daydream a lot. I let my mind wander and waste my time doing nothing. I get lost with my own thoughts, let reality escape me. Crazy stories pop inside my head. I may try to capture them into words, but dreams and imagination are more successful and scattered.

I like weird things. I am drawn to the eccentric and the offbeat. I may be the type of person who has unusual interests, beliefs, and practices. I love being alive and I can't be anyone but myself.

I dream of meeting the world, experience new places, immense myself to cultures, and expand what is unknown to me. Someday I want to go places even without a definite destination or reason.

A lover of random things. Music, films, books, Haruki Murakami, Archie comics, animé, Japan, Iceland, chocolate cakes, tattoos (I have 3), mismatched shoes, witches, cats, rain, trees - I love 'em. My favourite words are mamihlapinatapai, geborgenheit and tadhana. I like to eat, sleep and stare at the sky. I like to draw, read, learn and understand life.

If you're the next person to send me a card, feel free to send me anything. It would be nice if you could share something about the card or yourself - how your day was, the dream you had last night, a movie you just saw, a book you're reading, a song playing in your head, crazy habits, spontaneous thoughts, or your curiosities. I want to feel connected with you and see the world through your postcard and handwriting. It widens my geography and bridges the gap between cultures, languages, and religion.

If you may want some ideas, here are a few hints:

● Unique to your country
● Men's Traditional Costumes
● People (Tribes; National Costumes; B&W; Portraits)
● PostalLove GF cards (I have AU AX BR CA CH CN CY CZ DE FR HK ID IE JP KR MX NL PL*2 RU SE SG SK TR TW UA US; Black Hole)

● Skulls
● Umbrellas
● Coca-cola
● Steampunk
● Ferris Wheels
● Melancholic, dreamy
● Empty streets; abandoned places
● Tiger; Bulls; Elephants; Red pandas
● Animé, Ghibli; LOTR; Harry Potter; Stranger Things; Game of Thrones; Marvel (X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man)

But I would appreciate anything. Those are just suggestions. You may as well send me something completely different. If you like it, I'm sure to like it. Ad card? If you think it's special then I don't mind. Hand-made? I will appreciate them. You can even send me those old, stained cards. Tell me their stories, I will love them. What's important is always the back side as it holds small memories of you.

No need to use envelopes, but if it can't be helped, it's okay. Please write the date too.

Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon. Distance and time makes it all the more interesting and worthwhile.

☆ Instagram: ennamoj
☆ 141st country: Egypt