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About Daria...

Hi everyone!
My name is Daria.
I currently live in beautiful city Saint-Petersburg. I'm a student and I study design and technologies in printing. I can't say that it was ever my dream to study it but there are some intersting subjects so I'm kinda satisfied with my choice and who said that your job and hobbies should match, otherwise you can stop loving things you enjoyed doing in your leasure time.

What about me so I find calmness and pleasure in reading books, drawing, baking, photography,visits of art museum, long days outside far from the bustle of the city and learning languages. This year I was very lucky to spend 3 weeks in beautiful region Auvergne in France and I fell in love with French culture so much that I immediately started to learn French as I came back home. Now I want to discover all the regions of France. If you're native French speaker can you write me in French, only if you don't mind. Also I learn Italian I listen to italian music a lot,  so I started learning italian to understand beautiful lyrics and maybe one day I'll be able to read Umberto Eco in italian.  

What about movies so I prefer dramas mostly but not the love ones eventhough I like Titanic. My favourite film director is Wes Anderson I can rewatch his movies for infinite amount of times, also I like Kurosawa, Tarkovskiy, Tarantino and good old classics from all over the world. Also I like good cartoons and anime.

I enjoy learning about different places, art, history, people, and cultures, so postcrossing is the perfect hobby for me. I hope you share a bit about yourself, your country, city or anything you think is important for you. I believe that Every object has it's own and fantastic story. I hope that you can tell me yours. Maybe your story is about your favorite food, football player, or your pet; maybe you remembered a funny story happened to you one day, or you just can share a moment from your everyday life with me. Whatever the story is, I am waiting to read it!

If you can't choose a card for me, so here are some ideas:
Classic and contemporary arts, sculpture (I adore sculpture, especially antic ones and ones in the style of Pietà by Michelangelo), holiday cards, music bands, movies, cartoons, anime, royal families, nature of your region or country, architecture, comics (Tintin, Asterix, the Smurfs, etc. but please no Marvel), italaian singers (il volo, Andrea Bocelli, Fabriziio Morio, Ultimo, Ermal Meta, etc...) and famous rock bands and singers(Queen, Ozzy Oasbourne, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and etc.), something about animal rights, ecology, veganism, Dragons, Nordic mythology (I currently into it a lot),
fantasy creatures(Elves, mermaids,etc.), something you like or postcard that shows your individuality and inner you.
Please no ones with babies.
I'm happy for every card you'll choose for me.

Thank you for beeing part of Postcrossing

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