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About Piotr...

My name is Peter!
I live in Katowice. I like movies very much. I watch them a lot. Sometimes I read books. I really like fantasy books and movies.

I currently have 2713 postcards. I also have a lot of cards for exchange, if there is anyone willing to exchange, here is the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1URYK2D6OhlpRTGXAzg73dZo9Yq_Zx3Aj

If you can, then please, the postcard in the envelope.

I collect various postcard.

If you can, please:

- Postcards with city names.
- Postcards from the years 1952-1989 (pocztówki z PRL).
- Postcards film, fairy tale or famous people.
- Postcards Marvel & DC Comics.
- Postcards with children.
- Postcards from Norman Rockwell.
- Postcards fantasy: elves, dragons, etc.
- Postcards with angels.
- Postcards rural life.
- Postcards with trains.
- Postcards historical events.
- Postcards posters, advertising.
- Postcards genre painting.
- Postcards Pin-Up.
- Postcards with nudity and act.
- Postcards maps.
- Postcards retro.

Please do not send me MULTI-VIEWS, Christmas cards or Easter cards.

Greetings from Polish