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About Līvija...

Hey there!

December and November is THE CHRISTMAS POSTCARD MONTH, please during these two months send me Christmas card!! :)))) Thank you!!!

My name is Līvija! I joined postcrossing because I love languages and traveling. As it is not possible to travel everywhere I see the world through cards. I like meeting people and getting to know others, I may seem shy, but there are no barriers in postcrossing.
If you can - see my collection to avoid duplicates -
I dont have that big collection, but it keeps growing.
My most favorite are single view cards of your country. They are always welcome to my in-home travel experience!
But, I also like postcards with:
*flags and maps
*photos of dogs and puppies (especially dachshunds, as I own one 5 year old still in puppy's mind)
*foxes, wild cats, otters, elephants, polar bears, white cats, lambs, bunnies, alpacas, colorful parrots, puffins, all baby animals
*beautiful sea life - colorful fishes, water animals and plants
*city views, bridges, skyscrape, monuments
*mountains (if any of Polish members have Zakopane cards - I would really appreciate it)
*castles, ruins
*MARVEL comics superheroes
*postcards by Lena Gnedkova and Josephine Wall!
*big letter greetings from USA states
*Fauna of Belarus (I have hedgehog and fox)
*latest interest of mine - Tausendschön
see me collections on flickr - if it fits -> ill love it
I have never received a card I don't like!! :) These are just my preferences for you to choose more easily.
Feel free to look at my favorites!
Also -

I am as interested in message as in card itself. I am here to get to know different cultures, not only places on the cards. I love to read lovely messages you write to me. If you dont feel comfortable to write in English - write in your own language.

Include weather, time, date if possible.
I like my cards without envelope! :)

If you don't know what to write to me -

Please, tell me about yourself, about your country, hometown, what you like to do, what you know about Latvia, what would you like to know about Latvia, where you would like to go on vacation, where would you want to live and why,what did you eat this breakfast... there are so much to write about. Don't hesitate.

If you write in Russian - use typed letters. I understand most words, but reading may cause some problems.

I wont be really happy if you send:
*erotics or any type of nudity (Big NO for me),
*ad cards
*no cut-outs from magazines, they tend to rip on the way to me :(
*no folded cards because they are not postcards.
*no Touchnote cards. because of security breaches

I send real cards, I want to receive real ones back.

Best wishes!

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