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About Anastassiya...

My name is Anastassiya, Nastya for short.
Wherever I go, I always have headphones in my ears. Music is the best invention of humanity. My favorite artists are the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Kate Bush, Kimbra, Nina Simone, Blur, Elton John, Аквариум, Машина Времени, Агата Кристи.
I love films, especially science fiction, fantasy and sometimes arthouse, animation.

I like animals. Sometimes I love them more than people. Now I have nine dogs, four cats. I saved many of them. Now I'm trying to find new homes for four young girls dogs.
I'd like to have a frog or a lizard.

Now I am actively interested in perfumery and the world of smells.
I am learning to sew clothes and accessories. I dream of making money from my craft.

Postcrossers from Britain, I would be incredibly grateful if you could send me a postcard from the Spice Girls with their new stamps or David Bowie with His stamp.

Postcards I like include:
shaped, holographic, glitter cards
crafts, sewing, sewing machines
animals: dog, cat (especially calico cats), alpaca, giraffe, hyena, bat, tiger (including whites), birds (especially parrots and hoopoes), insects (beetles, mantises, stick insects), frogs, axolotl, octopus, jellyfish and others
plants: succulents, cacti, ferns, oak,
berries, fruits, vegetables (especially tomatoes)
flowers: gladioli, lilac, daffodil, carnation, irise
food: ice cream, dessert, pizza, cheese
drinks: Tea, cocktail, alcohol
music (not just my favorites), musical instruments
nude women
body positive people
Skeletons and anatomical postcards
heads of state: president, prime minister, chancellor (except for the current President of the Russian Federation)
Queen Elizabeth 2
famous people
Postcards with views or symbols of New York.
national costumes
postcards with support for Ukraine
Movies / Shows: Hayao Miyazaki films, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Back to the future, Downton Abbey, Gravity Falls, movies with Jackie Chan and others.
Women in... by Rachel Ignotofsky
I like weird and unusual images on a card, but I love cute cards too.

You can also send me the kind of postcard that you would like to receive yourself.
I am a beginner postcrosser and my tastes not yet formed. So don't be afraid to disappoint me. I will be glad to receive any postcard.

If you like sending cards in envelope, you can do this. You can put a bag of your favorite tea there. I'll definitely try this

If you don't know what to write on a card, here are some options:
Write your favorite song, movie, book, perfume, dessert or drink. If you have pets, tell a funny story about it. I like charity, if you like too tell me about that. Write to me about your hobby or dream.
If you are sad you can share it with me. I'll send you some words of encouragement.

Here are some of what I received:

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