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About Karsten...

Woohoo, I got married this July this year with "Zijie". We met after we had exchanged cards via postcrossing since spring 2014, so special THANKS to this wonderful project we both adore so much.


I am Karsten, an archaeologist and therefore I love postcards with ruins, monuments, castles, churches, mosques, excavations, temples or artefacts from museums for example. While I very much like religious buildings as an important part of world history, design and architecture, I would appreciate not getting any "religious cards", like such promoting religious beliefs, prayers etc, I am really not into it ;)

Likewise, I am pleased with:
- intage/very old postcards
- landscapes, especially in winter
- "Disney"-postcards
- railways, train stations
- archives/libraries
- propaganda-cards from, for example, former socialist/communist countries, American propaganda during the World Wars, war photography
- aircrafts, local airports
- mountain-views
- ships
- Dutch East India Company
- black humour
- the ocean, lakes, desert, ice-landscape
- extremely small or big postcards :)
- a photography of your self-baked cake, cookies or dessert with the recipe
- AD-cards ;), but local ones, please^^

Beloved are many stamps on my postcards, so if possible, please use low-valent-stamps to fill the postage or/and if you have and like, used stamps.

You can always cut a piece of cardboard food package sold in your country (cookies, fried meals, dry fruit, etc.) in about postcard size, use the other side of the cardboard for stamps, address and add a few words what the product is about, translation of the text etc. Very appreciated are packages with other than Latin alphabet. :)

If you have no ideas of filling out the card, you may tell me about...
- your personal funny stereotypes of anything (countries, regions, languages...)
- places, you definitely would love to visit worldwide
- your favourite meal including a short recipe
- ...

@ all - Don't be shy, use your handwriting, even others may call it unreadable ;), Wer kann, darf auch gern mit Kurrentschriften ran an den Stift.
@ North Indians/Nepalis: अगर आप हिंदी बोल सकते हैं, देवनागरी का उपयोग करें!
@ Mandarin speakers: 对于中文:我在学中文。请使用简单的句子。谢谢:)
@ more: Schrijf gerust Nederlands, Fries of Nedersaksisch. Fiel it frij om Nederlân, Frysk of Nedersaksysk te skriuwen. Ik wurr mi freien, Koorten in Nedderlandsch, Frasch un Plattdüütsch to kregen. Dank u! Tige tank! Dank di!
@ and more: También puede escribir en español. Vous pouvez également écrire en français.

I already have been to the following "postcrossing countries":

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