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About Tristan...

Hello to ALL!!

My name is Tristan Choa and I collect old money of Canada, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, China (PRC and TW) and Money of Europe before euro (francs, pesatas, lire, etc..) . I also collect some stamps too...

I have no preference of any postcard. Hand made is ok!
Please no ad-cards. Thank you

I don't mind what you write, just anything to let me know about your self.

And also if possible, could you please put the postcard in an envelope, then send it. This way I could get the stamps rather than me ruining the beautiful post card to get the stamp. And also try to use special/commemorative stamps rather than normal (definitive) stamps!

DO NOT send me coins in the envelope. Canada will destroy the mail and I will not receive the item.

Now accepting Pen Pals :) leave me a message if you want to be pen pals!

Thank You!

Best Wishes to All!

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