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About Burundikids...

burundikids e.V. is a non-profit, non-denominational and politically independent organisation which aims to give kids in Burundi a chance at a worthwhile future. burundikids e.V. was founded in May 2003 by nine founding members. Since then the number of sponsoring members has continued to grow.

Our work should be transparent, non-bureaucratic and flexible

Local co-ordination, organisation and cost control are managed by an experienced project manager with extensive knowledge of the area. Former nurse Verena Stamm (Fondation Stamm, www.fondation-stamm.org) has lived in Burundi since 1972. Acting on her own initiative, she set up the first two homes for 50 street kids and orphans in 2000 and the years thereafter during the turmoil of the civil war. She is well versed in the political, ethnic, moral and cultural characteristics and peculiarities of Burundi and has numerous contacts with government agencies and organisations.

The contact between burundikids e.V. in Germany and the Fondation Stamm in Burundi is therefore direct, non-bureaucratic and transparent, which is absolutely necessary for providing effective assistance.

More information: www.burundikids.org

About me (Nadège Horimbere): I am an assistant in communication for the Fondation Stamm (local NGO in humanitarian and development projects). This foundation and burundikids e.V. are partners.
I have been living for years in Belgium and I came back in my home country in 2013.

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