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About breakies...

Bonjour ! Hello ! Hola ! Hallo !

DE: Ich verstehe etwas Deutsch. Sie können mir auf Deustch schreiben. Danke schön für ihre Hilfe.

FR: N'hésitez pas à m'écrire en français si cela vous fait plaisir, c'est toujours une bonne surprise pour moi :)

ES: He estudido la lengua espanola y puedo entenderla. Por favor escribe en usted lengua nativa.


I'm postcrossing since 1 year now (!!) and very curious to know which postcards you will send to me.

If you wonder what I'd like to receive, if your city or country has remarkable monuments, I'll appreciate a postcard with the monument on it :)
I've discovered when I started buying postcards I appreciate also illustrated postcards with nice and colourful drawings.
If you don't have such kind of postcards, you can send any kind of postcards sold there :)
I believe postcards is a way of visiting the world.

In general, I send my postcards with minimum decoration, depending on what I found. I try to please the ones who will receive the postcard either by the postcard theme, or drawings, or stickers. Recently, I've purchased alcohol markers and it has a really nice effect on postcards. I hope you'll enjoy it.
I register my postcards the evening (very late for french hour) I receive the postcards.

Even if i'm not able to speak or write a lot of languages, I'm passioned of the diversity of languages in the world.
Do not hesitate to write some words (or all your postcard !) in your native language, I will be delighted to discover and guess what it means.

If you're interested in direct swamps, you can tell it on your postcards.
Please read below my sections for direct swaps, I'm listing what I'm able to propose.

Please note I do not use "Favorites" on the moment on this site.

FYI, the foreign countries I've gone to for my work (short visits):
Italy, Slovenia, Algeria, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany.
Foreign countries I've visited during holidays:
Russia, Japan.
Languages I've started to study a little apart the ones I've quoted:
russian (alphabet, basic notions), japanese (alphabet, basic notions), korean (alphabet).

For DIRECT SWAPS : I propose to send for you nice tourist postcards from Bordeaux, Paris, nice
Lali postcards and Jetoy postcards with nice stamps. Limited stocks.
Do not hesitate to send a message, I don't have ANY special criteria for direct swap with you, I am not agaisnt sending several. I'd be fully happy to send a postcard which will please you for sure :)

Merci and have a nice day.

EXPIRED postcards :( some alas....