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About Heleen...

Hi dear Postcrosser!

My name is Heleen, I live and work close to Amsterdam.
We have two kids, 19 and 16 years old. In 2012 two guinea pigs (cavias) completed the family.

I love drawing/painting, music, languages and the world. I love nature: especially birds, weird mammals (like okapi and platypus) and trees.
I used to travel a lot but now both work and a busy family life restrain me from that.
Postcrossing to me is ‘travelling’ without leaving home (except for the letterbox :-)

Any card, please without envelope, will make me happy, as do interesting stamps. Most happy I'll be when you handwrite a message on the back side. Something about your card, or what you did today, a favourite quote, your favourite ... (music, song, book, movie, dreams, etc). Anything you like to share by postcards :-)

Don't feel obliged to search my postcards wall to see if I already have the card you want to send. Any double is o.k.: every card is unique by it's sender and journey!

If you need a suggestion about the picture on the card or stamps, favourite subjects are:

* Animals living in your country,
especially birds and unusual animals (e.g. platypus, echidna). However, all animals are welcome, whether walking, swimming, flying or creeping, from insects to mammals!

* Bridge, Lighthouse

* Chess (especially the Horse)

* Hand/self made card
Draw, paint, collage, needlework, whatever you want to do!
In case you'd like to draw/paint/make a collage of your favourite animal, see my call for mail art, where your creative result might be posted:

* Dragon! I was born in the Year of the Dragon. A Dragon on a postcard or postage stamp I'd love to see. Or maybe you can draw one?!?

* Year of the Mouse / Rat

* Mills: all types of windmills, including modern wind turbines

* Music! Musical instruments, musicians, music notes

* Reading or writing people (including animals)

* Animation / comic figures: Asterix & Obelix, Krtek, Pink Panter, Smurfs, Ratatouille, Up, Frozen 2, Pixar

* Games/game figures: Minecraft, Professor Layton; Lego

* Map cards

* Parodies on famous paintings (like Sally Swain's great housewives of art)

* Political cartoons

* Science; Women in Science

* Illustrations e.g. Blue Cats, Inge Löök old ladies, Fiep Westendorp or other great illustrations from your country

* Postbox / postmen / post offices / postal transport: anything which has to do with mail

* Postcrossing meetup cards

* Public transport (train, airplane, bus, metro), and I love train stations. And airports. And bicycles

* (people in a) Swing or rocking chair

* Umbrella, rain

* Vegetable

* View of your favourite place in your city/country, or GF or WT card of your country.
Nederlandse PC'ers: een toeristische ansichtkaart van je woonplaats (liefst met naam van de plaats voorop) vind ik leuk!

A large list... But don't feel obliged: every postcard is a treasure.
Thank you for reading my profile :-)
Happy Postcrossing

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