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About biker...

Hello everybody, I was born in the Netherlands, live in Germany , married, 3 children. I love swimming, reading, traveling, making 3D-cards, walking, golf, taking photographs - - and driving my BMW motorbike.

Postcrossing is so nice meeting people all over the world. I hope my world view is growing along with my postcard collection some day! I love choosing postcards. I have a nice collection of postcards, as I am buying them all the time. I always try to get the right card and stamps for the right person. I register postcards as soon as I receive them.
I like learning languages, so in yours (with the translation) I would love a phrase. Would be nice, also per email, if you could write me thank you in your language.

祝你天天快乐! Have a nice day! こんにちは(Hello)

Danke, thanks, merci, gracias, tak, grazie, spaciba, kiitos, takk, tack, dank u, obrigado, aciu, hvala, köszönöm, dziekuje, arigato, paldies, dekuji, schukran, dankie, shie-shie, xiè-xiè, aitäh, efcharistó, multumesc, terima kasih, todá, tesekkürler, salamat, khob-khun, dyakuyu, hvala!

I am happy to receive any kind of postcards, but what I like most is what you write on it and I really appreciate beautiful stamps.
- Nov monument or buildings please, thank you!

Cards I'm interested: SINGLEVIEW please!!!!

- art
- custom of the country
- recipes on the cards
- bikes
- rainbow
- about your culture(music,literature,artists,food,clothes)
- unesco heritage
- from Finland: Inge Löök,
but all kinds of cards are more than welcome.


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Whenever you intend to visite Germany, have a look at my website

Happy postcrossing!

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