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About bianste...

I live in a small village in Northern Germany. I work as a headmaster in a small school. In my freetime I like reading, travelling and writing. I am interested in history as well. I read lots of different books, quite often I choose crime novels, fantasy or funny books. I am also very much interested in children`s books. (I have a small collection of picture books.)
I write crime and fantasy novels.
I also like crafts. I bind books, make paper and enjoy all these gorgeous ways to upcycle used things.

I enjoy all types of postcards like views of your area or country.
If you can find one with aphorisms, comic or fantastic ones that would be fine. I also enjoy cards with drawings of flowers, birds,insects, etc. If you find something related to a book or reading, that will be nice as well.

I am very interested in the places where you live, please let me know something about yourself and your way of living.
Happy postcrossing.

Are there any Big Bang Theory cards? I' d love to get one or the other.

Kelly from Taiwan - tea lover - there was no ID on your great card and postcrossing can`t find you.

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