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About Audrey...

***We are expecting a baby in April 2015! To celebrate her arrival, we'd love it if you would send your postcard to her. Her nickname right now is Hazelnut. Please feel free to send her a greeting, a blessing, an insight about life, a beautiful picture, a snippet of poetry... anything that will one day fire her imagination. Thank you!***

My husband and I are American expats living in Oslo, Norway! Read about our adventures at my blog: The Girl Behind the Red Door (

I am a writer. It's my vocation, the only thing I've ever wanted to do. If you're a writer, too, make sure to follow my podcast for writers: The Postmasters Podcast. You can find it on iTunes, or listen on the blog at

Things I love:
Books (recommend them to me!)
Writers (some of my favorite received cards have been portraits of writers from different countries)
Classic films (1927 through 1960)
Poetry and proverbs
Vintage advertisements
People who help people
The color red
Antique typewriters
Fields of daisies
Stained glass

Send me any postcard you please. I look forward to your thoughts and insights about life wherever you are, the way your pen moves on the paper. The postcard itself is icing on the cake. Thanks in advance!