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About Adrianna...

Hi, guys! Cześć!
My name is Adrianna and I live in the beautiful capital of Poland – Warsaw. The thing I like the most in Postcrossing is the fact, that I can get to know other people, cultures, nationalities or even places from all over the world just from my mail box. Isn’t that amazing? \
I’m keen on healthy eating (and, obviously, cooking), so if you know some vegetarian or vegan recipes – it would be amazing if you shared them with me! I’m also a big fan of sport and art, though those two things aren’t very close to each other. Well, I also love learning languages, that’s like the one thing at school that I’m good at. I try to use English and German as often as it’s possible, so if you speak German – please write your card in German! Vielen Dank! ;)
If you don’t know what to send me, here are some tips:
• Things connected with your hometown (photos, monuments,drawings) or any of the places that you’ve been to and fell in love with – those make me really, really happy!
• Any kind of art – postcards with famous (or not so well-known) paintings, sculptures etc.
• People that inspire you
• Propaganda posters or just posters
• ELVIS PRESLEY because I love him ;)
• Cartoons like The Simpsons
• Handmades made with care (no adds or stuff like this, please!)
Those are only some ideas, I really appreciate your invention and creativity - feel free to choose whatever you like! If you want, please write something in your native language, the weather and the date!
Have a good day! Miłego dnia!
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I'm sorry guys :(