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assante2, Switzerland


(or Alyona) is a member in Switzerland . She has been a member for over 7 years (2,868 days).
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  • Distance sent: 948,568 miles
  • Last seen: over 3 years ago
  • Languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, some Spanish
  • Birthday: 21st July
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Lat: 47.56, Lon: 7.57 | Google Maps

About Alyona...

I'm Alyona (27), originally from Ukraine/Kiev and now living in Switzerland/Basel due to my job.
I’m not married but in long lasting relationship, no children too, thus I enjoy my free life so far :) I’m trying to be active constantly and taste as much as possible in this life.

I work for a global company, what means being a real "office bound worm". In order to counterbalance, I try to do as many as possible open air activities, and the favorite ones are alpine skiing and hiking/backpacking, preferably going to distant deserted areas.
Also, some time ago I discovered to myself a joy of horse riding, unfortunately it’s quite expensive hobby in the city thus I can’t afford doing this often. You can see one of my "little" friends on the avatar!
Finally, since short time I became a happy owner of a dog (white shepherd) currently all my free time is dedicated to breeding and teaching him. He follows me in all hiking trips and also it’s a great pleasure to go back county cycling together.

I have two PC accounts since long time, thus sometimes we get matched with some people twice and this is cool to recognize someone's name or handwriting :-)
I love using as many as possible interesting and non-standard stamps and appreciate if you do the same for me.
Thank you VERY MUCH in advance for making an effort and respecting the receivers' preferences! In my opinion, it's the main idea of PC and this is what I mostly enjoy in the process - to choose the proper card which would make my receiver happy.

Happy postcrossing! – this is all what we’re here for :-)

Card subjects which make me extra pleased:

♥ Mountains, volcanoes
♥ wild nature landscape
♥ astronomy/geology: space, stars, planets, stones, minerals
♥ alone standing trees, forest, river, sea/ ocean
♥ 4 seasons, especially winter /snowy landscapes
♥ horses in motion
♥ "old style", vintage posters, old cards from the flea market
♥ arty things: paintings, drawings, illustrations
♥ B&W photos, expressive full page portraits
♥ history/archeology related, ancient culture, antique items and interiors, indigenous people in traditional dressing
♥ traditional/ modern dancing, ballet
♥ humor, cartoons
P.S. Self made and AD cards related to these topics are welcome!

Card subjects I DON’t enjoy and find boring, please avoid sending to me:

 urban views, modern buildings
 common sightseeing objects and tourist attractions
 ordinary touristic scenery cards with "Greetings from..." titles and so on
 especially multi view cards (many small pictures on one card) which normally look so distasteful…
P.S. Of course, I'll understand if you don't have others than tourist cards (it's not always possible to have a good variety of card themes, especially in small towns). So in such cases I’m always happy about at least a SINGLE view showing a piece of nature. Thanks!