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About Ankit...


I love post crossing because it gives me an opportunity to travel the world virtually. The element of surprise also excites me!

India is an exciting country to live in. I have lived for more than 5 years in each north , south, east and western parts of India. Accoring to me Diversity, Tradition and culture are three keywords which define India.

Postcards I like :
***Cards of new born babies ***
1. I really like postcards enclosed in envelopes as it protects them from wear and tear and getting contaminated.
2. Canada postcards
3. Toastmasters postcard
4. Club meeting postcards/social gatherings/events held for a cause.
5. Postcards with vivid multi color scenic views of your country.
6. Natural beauty postcards.
7. Snaps which you have clicked can also be sent in an envelope in place of a postcard
8. Long and interesting text (i.e. if you like to write) about your self , your country, what you think , ambitions , views etc. (I love to read so feel free to write your mind out if you wish to :p )

What I like to read :

1. What you are doing currently
2. A hobby and how you got into it. Why you think others should get into it ?
3. Your best and worst experience in life so far. ( I respect privacy so you need not bother while writing and please excuse me from any adult / sexual experience here )
4. What you like about living in the current city and which is the best city to live in according to you.
5. What you are doing for a living and what you would wish you would have got into if given a chance.
6. How you manage your time and one tip you would like to give me to manage my time better.

Obviously all of that cannot come on a 5 inch by 6 inch postcard, so either chose some points from above or better still , enclose a letter with all the points ( and some of your points) and make me happy.

Postcards which you can spare for others :
1. Nude/adds/Cartoons/keep calm/dishes etc.
2. Animals
3. Any Cute card which are no where near to reality.
4. Festive greetings. (Feel free to mention festivals in your letter. Just i do not prefer such cards till I am pen pal with the sender)
5. Multi picture collarge postcards

The above is just a preference and certainly not an obligation.
I appreciate the time spent by you in drafting and sending a postcard so it is really special to me and holds a corner of my heart.

Happy post crossing!

P.S 1.- Please let me know if your card sent to me has expired. Its very sad that the effort put by you was lost in transit. However, if you would like to send a postcard again in such circumstances, please mention this!

P.S 2. If you need help in growing your collections from India, please write to me and I would try to oblige.

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