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About Anna⠀Maria...

What a great idea this is! I'm really looking forward to receiving your card. Whichever card you choose and whatever you feel like writing on it – let me be surprised!

To give you an idea of whom you're sending it to, I should tell you something about myself. Well... I live in a small flat in central Stockholm, I share it with various animals (such as bears, pigs, dogs, skeletons, and many others), and I have trees and birds outside my window. I'm retired from my work as a psychologist, and although mostly I enjoyed working, this is even better. There are so many things I enjoy, including being lazy, so I never have time for all the things I would like to do. I like being alone, meeting friends, art, opera, detective stories, playing, singing, travelling once in a while or just exploring new parts of my city, listening to the excellent Swedish radio... I do a little voluntary work with ex (more or less) addicts, also very enjoyable. I'm a lay judge, which means judging criminal cases at the district court, together with a professional judge and two other lay judges. I've been doing it on a regular basis for many years and it's very interesting! I like meeting new people and have friends of all ages. I am a very creative person; have lots of ideas, some of which get realized, and can write, draw or paint if I feel like it. But I think the most important thing I'm creating is my life.

I'm afraid all this may sound a little pretentious. But really – I've been working on myself since I was 16, now I'm 69 and I seem to be reaping the fruits. Living has been getting easier over the years and happiness and security is not so dependent on what happens on the outside.

Here are some more things I like (which may or may not inspire your choice of cards) : fools/jokers/jesters - darkness – skies (clouds, moon, stars, sunsets) – rain – autumn – trees – skulls and skeletons – cemeteries and graves – old or rare breeds of farm animals – black pigs – creativity and home-made things – folk art/art brute – architecture - philosophy – celebrating my birthday, Christmas, Easter, or whatever worth celebrating! – gorilla faces – interior decorating – colours (intense/deep/interesting combinations) – doll-houses and miniatures – hot-water bottles – a nice cup of tea – real cider – beautiful clothes (like folk costumes and evening gowns) – stones, rocks, pebbles – libraries – everything to do with criminology – scruffy places and people – dogs – bats – water – changing weather and changing seasons – pomp and circumstance– circus – the country-side – lakes – paths in the wood – mystery...
AND: Solidarity – Truthfulness – Responsibility – Human Rights. I don't always live up to all that, but I think it's important to retain the meaning of those words.

Every card thoughtfully chosen and with a personal message is highly appreciated. So from now on I'll only pick "favourites" among cards I haven't received, and that's mostly for fun.

All the best to you!