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About Yangyi...

Hello! (안녕하세요!)

- Me name is Yang yi :)
I like DRAWING, singing, crafting, beautiful stamps and masking tape. (In particular, now collect masking tape passionately!)
And comics, movies, music, musical and postcrossing, It is a wonderfully good hobby!(Can you recommend me to your favorite music?)

♥I love postcards, so I collect them! and On the back of a postcard, collect people drawn drawings! ;) !!

Please on the back of a postcard draw a small picture(or big picture)! ♥

CAT in Korean : 고양이

SHEEP in Korean : 양

If you do not think To draw, please draw me a special two animals, i love it! :)

- ★Please careful when writing a postcard

* I can't read cursive(script). Please do not write postcards cursive(script).
* Please do not send me a self-printed postcard.
* When you send a postcard, write the date of! :)

- If you have the postcard below or My Favorite postcards, please send them to me. my happy ! :D S2 ♥

* Art of the artist (Alphonse Mucha, Cicely Mary Barker, Arthur Rackham, Gustav Klimt, Edgar De Gas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, Leonid Afremov....)
* Moomin, Krtek..
* Animated (Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Studio Ghibli..)
* Fantastic, Fairy tales, Elves..
* Animal (Cats, Sheep, hamster, wolves, lions, deer, whales...)
* Stained glass (The interior of the church or cathedral..)
* Aurora, Milky Way, Glacier ..
* Flower (Hydrangeas, sunflowers, Pansy, Lily...)
* All Art / Illustrations / Drawings!
or Art of the artist You Love! :)

Thank you(고맙습니다) in our postcard and happy postcrossing! :)
Have a warm day♡
2015 08 14

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