WONA, Korea (South)


About Won-A...

Hello, My name is Won-A. I live in Republic of Korea.
Korea is a country that can experience spring, summer, fall, and winter. However, it is very sad that the spring and fall are disappearing these days due to global warming. Still, I like Korea. Korea has many beautiful places to see the mountains and the sea together.

I love traveling, reading books and writhing. But my job is not a travel writer :) Still, I have the most important dream in my life. That is to travel to countries with Aurora, and write a book about the travel.

I really like 'Harry Potter' very very much!! When I was youth, I spent a lot of time with Harry Potter. It's the same now.

Also, I want to collect postcards with features of different countries around the world, and share my daily pleasure with all over the world by postcards.

I like postcards like the following:
- Harry Potter
- Winnie-the-Pooh
- Frozen(Anna&Elsa)
- Aurora(Northern Lights)
- Snow/Snowman
- Lake
- Book
- Psychology
- Rabbit / Sheep / Bear / Dog
- the traditional costume of many countries
- the tourist spot in many countries
- the languages of many countries
- Happy Birthday card

If possible, when you send me a postcard, I would like you to tell me how to write and read ' Thank you / I'm Happy' in your language.

Thanks for reading my introduction, it is nice to see you all!!

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