WONA, Korea (South)

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About Won-A...

Hello, My name is Won-A. I live in Republic of Korea.
I'm glad to say hello to you through post-crossing.

I like to listen to your story. Tell me anything about yourself or your environment.

And if you can, I'd like you to write down what you think is a "counselling" Because I am studying counseling psychology :)

Also I love traveling, reading books and writhing. But my job is not a travel writer :) Still, I have the most important dream in my life. That is to travel to countries with Aurora, and write a book about the travel.

I like postcards like the following:
- Harry Potter
- Winnie-the-Pooh
- Frozen(Anna&Elsa)
- Aurora(Northern Lights)
- Snow/Snowman
- Lake
- Book
- Psychology
- Rabbit / Sheep / Bear / Dog
- the traditional costume of many countries
- the tourist spot in many countries
- the languages of many countries
- Happy Birthday card
But this is just my favorite thing to do, and any postcard you send will be good.

Thanks for reading my introduction, it is nice to see you all!!

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