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About Valerija...

Hello to everyone!

I'm Valerija, a police officer and I love my job very much!
I also love spending time with my friends, watching movies/TV series, reading, cross-stitching and since February 2017 I learn to play a violin! The video above shows me, my best friend and our moms in our small hometown - Olaine.

Since I've already received many postcards, I want to set a theme for 2018 - colours! Cards with one dominant colour or multi colour cards, colourful architecture, fabrics, items - anything. But if you don't have colourful cards, don't worry, I'm open for any other from my wishlist!

My favorites = my wishlist! I know there are too many to look through, just take a look on one or two pages and you'll understand what kind of cards I like!

Dear Postcrossers! I don't favorite my received postcards just because I don't want them to mix with my wishlist! That doesn't mean I don't like them!

Here are some ideas for the postcards I'd prefer:

~ most of all I love paintings and drawings
~ Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Leonid Afremov
~ Sven Nordqvist
~ anything related to police officers/firefighters, books, letters, music instruments
~ Franz Kafka and his characters
~ autumn
~ street art, Banksy
~ nature of all kind - beautiful landscapes (waterfalls, mountains, sea, sky etc), animals (esp.foxes, cats and big cats), any special animal living in your place, insects, lizards, birds (esp.owls), flowers (esp.dandelions)
~ people (esp. faces)
~ famous people (actors, singers, writers, football stars, presidents, royals etc.)
~ food
~ movie posters
~ House M.D., Leo di Caprio, Jared Leto, Robin Williams
~ anything YOU like and find special, but on one condition - you tell me why!

Any weird/crazy/unusual/self-made card is very welcome! :)

Cards I don't really like - sorry:

~ multiview
~ typical "tourist" cards
~ seasonal greeting cards

If your card travels to me too long (30-40 days), you should face it'll expire unfortunately! Drop me a line then with an ID of the card and I'll register it, because I know how disappointing it is to wait for so long! )))

Thank you and happy postcrossing!