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About Sergey...


For me, each card received - a mini-trip to another country, the opportunity to learn something interesting and informative. Write to me about your city and the country, tell how was your day.

I welcome any postcards!
Especially I be happy to recieve cards with:

"Star Wars"
"Arcane" (League of Legends)
"Adventure Time"
"Rick and Morty"
"The Simpsons"
"Doctor Who"
"The Hobbit"
"The Lord Of The Rings"
"The Little Prince"
"Harry Potter"
"Wizard of Oz"
"A Song of Ice and Fire" (Game of Thrones)
"The Hedgehog in the Fog"
"Once Upon a Dog"
Van Gogh paintings
Old films posters
Retro posters
Golden Age of Science Fiction
Classic monsters (Mummy, Frankenstein's monster, Wolf man and others)
Hayao Miyazaki characters
DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Gaudi Architecture
Underground / Subway / Merto
Trains and railstations
Space and stars
Unusual shaped postcards
Unesco World Heritage Sites

==> I will be very happy beautiful stamps on postcards!
===> I'll be incredibly happy if you glued to the card any small coin or transport's ticket ^_^
====> I'm especially interested in EUROPA Cept stamps and would be happy to receive those stamps as postage, if possible.

Please NOT envelope
Please NOT handmade
Please NOT advertising

Thank you!

Dear postcrossers from the USA and CANADA, if you have the opportunity, please send a couple of tree seeds typical of your countries. It would be very interesting to try growing them here. You can stick them to the postcard with tape.

Friends from NORWAY!
Huge request - send me (if possible) card with 2 stamps on the EUROPA Cept for 2010 - Mormor og de åtte ungene (Åtte små, to store og en lastebil). This is my favorite childhood book!

Happy Postcrossing!

<<Expired Cards>>
RU-2239231 Germany 4/Dec/2013
RU-2479274 China 26/Feb/2014
RU-2656446 China 28/Apr/2014
RU-2883753 Finland 23/Jul/2014
RU-2990781 Norway 4/Sep/2014
RU-3043919 Lithuania 24/Sep/2014
RU-3184652 Germany 11/Nov/2014
RU-3184657 China 11/Nov/2014
RU-3251095 Indonesia 2/Dec/2014
RU-3363164 China 13/Jan/2015
RU-3363169 Ukraine 13/Jan/2015
RU-3742031 China 21/May/2015
RU-3886903 Ukraine 20/Jul/2015
RU-3953778 China 17/Aug/2015
RU-4609390 China 6/Apr/2016
RU-4880901 Ukraine 19/Jul/2016
RU-4880907 France 19/Jul/2016
RU-5234955 China 23/Nov/2016
RU-5234960 France 23/Nov/2016
RU-5293901 India 13/Dec/2016
RU-5466836 Belarus 17/Feb/2017
RU-6299850 China 9/Feb/2018
RU-6299848 U.S.A. 9/Feb/2018
RU-7482256 Bangladesh 25/Aug/2019
RU-7667398 China 1/Dec/2019
RU-8004880 Poland 4/Aug/2020
RU-8353816 Estonia 28/Feb/2021
RU-8484253 Germany 13/May/2021
RU-8511852 U.S.A. 30/May/2021
RU-8677266 Germany 23/Aug/2021
RU-8758806 Taiwan 1/Oct/2021
RU-8875367 U.S.A. 24/Nov/2021
RU-8942703 Ukraine 22/Dec/2021
RU-9062818 Ukraine 16/Feb/2022
RU-9094325 Finland 8/Mar/2022
RU-9099282 Finland 13/Mar/2022
RU-9135086 China 14/Apr/2022
RU-9135088 Belarus 14/Apr/2022
RU-9139328 China 18/Apr/2022

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