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About Tuuli...

Hi! My name Tuuli means "wind". i got that cause I did not breathe when I was born so they blew air into me. I am outspoken and have an overflowing imagination. I work in a seaplane and submarine museum. I also make felts and write, make frie sculptures, ceramics, draw postcards, do tinkering workshops, paint and volunteer. My nickname is redfox.

I dont have much preference towards the postcards, but there are things I find more fascinating, like (not order of preference, just random):

Ships, boats, submarines
sea creatures, jellyfish, sea horses & sea cucumbers, morey eel, rays, seaweed
instructions on a card like how to make a sailors´ knot or netting, origami
driftwood, things washed ashore, including garbage
japanese art, ceramics, nature, architecture, boro textiles
wabi-sabi stuff (tattered, broken, mended things, rusted, torn etc)
Morgan, Jaguar cars from 1920ies to 1960ies (esp Morgan 3-wheelers and Jaguar XK 120)
foxes, lemurs, lizards, chameleons, insects
fire sculptures, bonfires, lightning
glaciers, ice, snow crystals, snowy things
mummies, corpses (cartoon-like, comic); zombies, demons, grave maidens, evil spirits etc.
Samurais, warriors
Tim Burton characters and cards that are reminescent of the art and style of Tim Burton
talking birds & owls
chibi drawings
waterfalls, trees, seasons, natural monuments in your country
famous writers, journalists (Hunter Thompson!!!!), archaeologists, inventors
interesting architecture, art nouveau, old city views, scenes from the past
Suomesta: Lappi, tunturi, Kalevala; Rölli, Pelle Hermanni, Ressu-koira, Nukku-Matti ja muut Pikku Kakkosen hahmot.
funny, crazy, absurd, outrageous pictures

P.S. please dont send cats.
Since my brithday is coming up, you can send birthday cards till february

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