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Nunneli, Finland


(or Nina) is a member in Finland . She has been a member for over 11 years (4,195 days).
1,214 sent 1,220 received

  • Distance sent: 3,162,090 miles
  • Last seen: over 4 years ago
  • Languages: English, German, Swedish, I can read basic French and Italian
  • Interested in direct swaps: Yes Click to learn more about direct swaps
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Lat: 60.17, Lon: 24.94 | Google Maps

About Nina...

Hello and good day to you Postcrossers and card-lovers all over the world, well, it's a Finn again...:(

I'm a working-mom of two school-aged kids (15 y. and 11 y., there is a father in the family too), living in Finland's capital.I like reading, music, going to the movies and concerts, and travelling, whenever I can (I can't much though). Postcrossing has become my dearest and most time-consuming hobby, because I love to see something else in my mail-box than bills. I'm lost in the magicland of cards.
As far as cards are concerned, here are some suggestions of what kind of cards I like:
- view/ scenery-cards (tourist cards) from your town, city, area or country (sightseeings, churches, landscapes, mountains, waters, castles, street-views),
- lighthouse-cards
- local people, festivals, traditional clothing etc.
- cards of loving couples, romantic cards
- cards of windows and doors
- sweets, food and drinks, CUPCAKES
- cards of moon are so gorgeous
- Anne Geddes-cards and Anne Taintor-cards
- humour cards.

I prefer single-views and details on cards. I also love colourful cards.

PLEASE, please NO AD-CARDS, art-cards, cartoons or drawn pictures, I simply don't like them.

I'm open to private swap, and if you want to swap cards, just go ahead and send me a message, though I can't offer anything very special. We can swap only one card, two cards or few if you wish...A long-term postcard swap -pal would be really nice too.

I have marked some of my DREAM-cards of some countries to my postcard-wall (favourites). They are the kind of cards and views I especially dream of having. I'm also keen on fridge-magnets and if you have any desire to swap one, send me a message.

I wish you'd put the DATE on the card, thank you.

You can write the name of your village/ town or city, where you live and your favourite hobbies or interests if you wonder what to write on the card. I would also love to see how you write "Hello" and "best wishes" or other words in your language.

I can read (but not write) basic French and Italian, so you can write in those languages too, (my German and Swedish has rusted too, but I can easily understand them written.) You can write in Spanish (Norwegian) too, if you like, because maybe I can guess the most content of it. Liebe Postcrosser/in aus Deutschland, schreib mir bitte auf Deutsch.

I usually register the received card soonest possible. Please contact me, if you feel there is a delay. THANKS FOR SENDING ME A CARD, I HIGHLY APPRECIATE THEM ALL.Enjoy this great hobby!