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About Angélique...

Hello postcrossing friends :D

I am Angélique, I am 22 years old and I live in a small town in the north of France called Noeux-les-Mines.

Great lover of travel and apprentice adventurer, I am also a spontaneous girl, creative and very optimistic! I chuck everything recently to try living a nomadic alternative life, travel the world full time and live a perpetual adventure! I dream to become adventurer and writer!

I am also a great lover of nature and I like the great wilderness!

I have a travel blog since November 2016 :

I am also a great drinker of tea and chaï. I practice yoga and meditation.

In addition, I wish to grow internally, deeply find me and see what the world has to bring me spiritually.
I am in the midst of inner and spiritual quest. I am also very interested in Buddhism, taoism and all oriental spiritualities in general.

Bisous de France!



✔ I collect Art Cards (Gollong editions, correspondance editions etc...) ✿

✔ Cats of Séverine Pineaux ❤

✔ Artistic card of:
-Izou who is my favorite artist!❤
-Lena Gnedkova
-Mila Gablasova
-Mila Marquis
-Corinne Demuynck
-Gwenaelle Trolez
-Jehanne Weyman
-Valérie Dumas
-Charlotte Duffy
-Amandine Piu
-Louise Deletang
-Laure Phelipon
-Anne sophie Rutsaert
-Marie-Anne Foucart
-Carlita design
-Anne Cresci
-Ketto Design
-Marie Desbons
-Gaëlle Boissonard
-Anne-Julie Aubry
-Sasha Salmin
-Anastasia Stolbova
-Silke Leffler
-Nina Chen
-Karolina Pieton
-Marie Brožová
-Lucie Ernestová
-Marie Cardouat
-Polina Yakovleva

Here is my collection :

I love too:
✔fairy tale, fantastic creatures
✔handmade cards
✔cards with quote
✔illustrations about cats, unicorns, rainbows or all cute things
✔blue cats of Irina Zenyukov
✔cats of Aleksey Dolotov
✔cat breeds collection by Marianna Sztyma
✔jetoy cards
✔illustrations about dreams-catchers and free spirit
✔illustrations about meditation, shamanism, indian magic
✔illustrations about astrology, zodiac (sagittarius)
✔illustrations with books, about reading, writting...
✔illustrations with tea or hot chocolate
✔illustrations about Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Harry Potter
✔illustrations about The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland
✔illustrations about Adventure, Wild camping
✔antique world map ❤

✔I also like seasonal cards (Christmas, Easter, Birthday : 6 december etc)

I love stickers, masking tape and any decoration🌸

What I don't like a lot:
✘tourist cards
✘photography about city, building, statue, bridge etc..

You can look in my favorites if you want ideas

I am always very happy when I get your cards and I always read your little texts carefully. Thank you to all of you for these moments of happiness ! ❤

✿Joyfull Postcrossing✿

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