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About Miek...

Every card i receive will be special. A stranger takes the time to choose a card for me, what he/she thinks i'll like and takes the time to write a nice story, thats the thing what counts!

I love nature, wildlife and wildlife watching, animals in general, being active outdoors. I like reading, crochetting(toys for charity), travelling, history, culture, queen (the band), im a coffeedrinker and i love chocolate, i dislike wet socks and i dont have any sense of direction (though i always think i have, im quite stubborn)

I work in an wildlife rescue centre and i love my job. We got 6000 animals (mainly birds) in 2019, i really love figuring out the best way of taking care of wild animals.

I guess Im a crazy cat lady. Im owned by 2 bengalcats. I walk my cats outside on the leash, they have a catwheel indoor and the attic is their own playroom, they make me laugh out loud several times a day.
They are the reason i dont have any plants in the house anymore and toiletpaper is locked up. But i love them to bits!
In 2019 i started fostering and bottlefeeding kittens for an organisation. Kittencuddles are the best there is in the world!

I love fully written cards, tell me about yourself!
Tell me about the pets you have. Which series do you like to watch on tv? Where would you like to travel?

The cards which i have marked as my favorites are cards i have not received but would love to receive.

Some suggestions for things i really like in cards:

- Maxicards, i really love them. I collect maxicards with mammals, birds, childrenbooks illustrations or cartoons, i have many in my favorites if you want to get an idea of what i like.
- Images of your local wildlife
- Fun/awkward/weird/sarcastic textcards.
- Birds: Owls, corvids, baby birds, puffins, kiwi's
- Mammals: Mustalidae, marsupials (no roos please), fennek/dessert fox, tarsier,
- Disney animals
- Childrenbooks illustration
- Fauna or owls of Belarus

Artists I love:
Jean Baptiste Monge, Pascal Moguerou, Erle Ferronnière, Le Corré, Brucero, Ivar Rodningen, Rolf Lidberg, Muramatsu, Molly Brett, Racey Helps, Margaret Tarrent, Ylia Neprijatel, Aeppol, Rien Poortvliet, Marjolein Bastin, Sergey Yakushev, Akiko Shirato, Suzy Stafford, Mauri Kunnas, Quentin Blake, Yuriko Yamawaki

Brands or characters i love:
Wrendale, Belle and Boo, Simon's Cat, Gorjuss, Smurffs, Paddington, Housemouse Design, Morris Mouse, Inkognito (with birds on it), Simons Cat, Bamse the bear.

- A card from my favorites or one like my favorites of which you think ill like it, my favorites will give you a good impression of which kind of cards i like.

Im not very fond of the standard tourist cards.

My focus for 2020 will be on childrensbooks illustrations, especially from your country. Tell me about your fav book as a child, why did you love the book or artist so much?

Keep in mind, these are only wishes, if you have a card which you like to send out, i will be happy anyway.


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